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Planning Preparations to Make Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

indoor wedding venue

Before you start planning your wedding, you need to make several decisions. Determining whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding venue is one of those decisions. Consider that almost 35% of weddings are held outdoors. Will you follow suit or rent an indoor wedding venue? The decision is entirely yours. But if you’re stumped, here are some few tips to help you pick the best wedding venue.

Consider Your Budget

The budget for your wedding is a crucial planning detail. When making this budget, it’s important to make sure you know how much will be dedicated to your venue. Will you spend a quarter, third or half of your budget on getting the best venue for a wedding? The cost of your perfect venue will depend on location, guest capacity, and amenities. Remember, a budget should be your guide. Yes, the venue may cost you less or more than what you allocate. Try to be logical or realistic in your financial estimates!

Estimate the Number of Guests

Couples rarely stick to their initial guest number in a wedding. But this shouldn’t stop you from estimating the number of guests you want to entertain. Waiting until everyone RSVP’s to get your venue worked out just isn’t ideal. This simple decision puts a peg on the size of your indoor wedding venue to go for. Knowing your ideal guest size also makes it easier to plan for a variety of venue amenities, including tables, chairs, open bar menus, and catering.

Plan for Weather

When is your wedding happening? Will it be a summer date where the weather is relatively predictable? Regardless of the date you have in mind, make sure you’re making plans for weather. If you want an outdoor wedding venue, make sure your guests have appropriate protection in case of a rainy day or a thunderstorm. It may even be worth looking into venues with both indoor and outdoor areas. Have a backup plan if the weather turns sour.

Select a Theme

Selecting a wedding theme extends beyond choosing your favorite colors. Nothing should escape your planning eyes. Does the venue help uphold and enhance your wedding vision? In addition, you need to consider whether your theme requires an indoor wedding venue or not. If you want to add a bounce house or a bonfire for your guests, it may be better to invest in an outdoor wedding venue.

Choosing the best wedding venue goes a long way in ensuring success in your wedding. Before deciding on whether to go for an indoor or outdoor wedding, make sure you consider all of the factors listed here. And if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.