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Planning A Wedding? Avoid These Common Guest List Mistakes

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One of the toughest challenges any soon-to-be-wed couple faces is creating a wedding guest list. Crafting a list that is manageable, affordable, and fair takes many hours of effort and honest communication.

Unfortunately, even the most diplomatic couples can run into conflict when finalizing the headcount. Between last-minute regret-senders, uninvited plus-ones, and offended in-laws, it’s a wonder that newlyweds invite any guests at all.

Though the perfect guest list doesn’t exist, any couple can take steps to make a list that works for them both. If you’re planning a wedding, make your day more special by avoiding these three guest-list mistakes:

Mistake #1: Booking the Venue Before Making the Guest List

Normally, it’s a smart idea to book your wedding venue as soon as possible — at least a year to nine months before the ceremony. You may be hoping to secure the perfect date at the best wedding venue in South Florida, but don’t make a reservation too early. Booking a venue before finalizing the guest list or head count is certain to cause you head and heart aches in the coming months. Selecting too large an event space will waste your wedding money, and choosing a reception hall that’s too small will require you to make painful cuts to your guest list.

Mistake #2: Sending Invites Before Finalizing the Budget

Another all-too-common mistake couples make is sending out invites before figuring out how much each vendor will realistically cost. If you send out invites for 200 people, but discover your caterer is more expensive per plate than originally planned, you’ll be forced to stretch your budget to accommodate your overambitious guest list. Don’t wreck your own party and wait to send invites until about eight weeks before the big day.

Mistake #3: Not Establishing Rules for Parent Invites

Communication and cooperation are important for planning a wedding, especially when dealing with parents. Even though they may be paying for your event, try to establish ground rules for how many people your parents and inlaws can invite. Traditionally, both sets of parents are allowed to choose a third of the guests, while the couple determines the rest. Sticking to these guidelines can help prevent upsetting conflicts when it’s time to post the invites.

For the guest list of your dreams, try to keep your head out of the clouds. Establish rules, finalize budgets, and finalize your list before officially inviting a soul. By sticking to a plan, your wedding won’t be marred by time-consuming guest list drama!

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