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Planning a Fairytale-Themed Wedding

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If you’ve always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, then it’s worth spending the time to plan it right. Like any themed wedding party, a fairytale wedding can be designed as a small or large event. With the right preparation, your day will go without a hitch. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Allow for Enough Time

Getting all the details right for your fairytale wedding may take some time to set up. In order to get everything organized the way you want, allow for six months to a year lead time. If you don’t have that much time to plan, then you may need to shorten your list of wants.

2. Prioritize What is Important

Remember that this is your day, and to prioritize what is important to you, the bride and groom. You may care deeply about the setting, but not so much about the food. Concentrate on getting your important details arranged first, then work on the rest. A wedding planner can assist you in your prioritizing.

3. Keep a Scrapbook or Planner

Whether you collect notes and pictures virtually or in a traditional notebook, looking through your collection will be something to enjoy and share years down the road. Make a point of taking pictures as you go to appointments before the wedding. Keep everything together to review before and after your wedding event.

4. Have Fun with It

Fairytales are whimsical, so don’t be embarrassed to get a thrill out of your appointments. Savor the wedding cake samples. Delight in the bridal dresses. Try out the spa package before giving it to your bridal party as a “thank you.”

5. Be a Princess

Every bride is a princess for a day, and that is doubly so for a fairytale wedding. Create or find your castle. Add the perfect accessories to your dress and to the reception decor. Invite all of your friends to participate. Revel in your special day, and you will remember it with fondness whenever you think of it.

6. Find the Best Wedding Venue

Find the perfect location to hold your fairytale wedding event. A good wedding venue will work with you to create a magical fairytale setting that everyone will enjoy and marvel over. Take pictures with you to demonstrate your preferences to your meeting at potential venues, so that you can narrow down your options quickly.