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Old Wedding Traditions You Should Consider Reviving

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There are a number of wedding traditions many people remember from weddings of the past, but no longer see when they attend today’s weddings. While trends will change with the times, there are some traditions you should consider maintaining, even if they are no longer as mainstream as they once were. The following options can be a great addition to your wedding plans.

The Sweetheart Table

When you step into a wedding reception today, you are more likely to find the bride and groom seated right among their guests. While this is a great way for them to mingle without sacrificing time to eat, it can still be a wonderful tradition to set up a separate sweetheart table. This type of setup will keep the bride and groom as the main focus of the event and will still make it easy to approach them. Your guests will always know where they can find you when you choose to utilize this seating arrangement.

Cake Smash

Some may consider it a little mean or even just flat out too messy for the bride and groom to smash the cake in each other’s faces, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be a fun tradition for your wedding event. If you’re up for keeping things a little more traditional with your wedding reception, consider keeping this on your list of things to do. Your guests will love watching the chaos, and it makes for excellent photo opportunities you and your spouse will enjoy looking back on.

Money Dances

Many couples are ditching money dances because they feel as if it’s just another money grab. However, depending on your nationality, this could be a tradition you want to consider keeping around. It doesn’t have to be about making your guests pay for the honor of dancing with the bride. It can be a way to raise funds for a specific goal to put a new twist on an older trend that is quickly fading.