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How to keep kids entertained at weddings

How to keep kids entertained at weddings

It is very likely for there to be kids at your wedding from family and friends, but this event can be long and boring for kids. To have a fun and happy day for all, it is best to prepare certain activities and areas to keep kids happy, cozy, and safe. It shouldn’t cost a huge amount either, if you’re doing a kid-friendly wedding here are some ideas on how to keep them entertained.

Kids Table

If there are several children of the same age attending the wedding, perhaps it’s a good idea for them to be seated together and have their fun dinner. In addition to this, you can set a particular menu for them. Also, consider hiring a babysitter or minder to supervise and allow parents to have some fun as well.

Arty Crafty Corner

A mini area with crayons and craft supplies will go down a treat as kids love to make things. Some wedding-themed crafts include designing a wedding dress, making cards for the newlywed, or even making DIY photo frames that would create hours of fun for little hands.

Goody Bags

Have goody bags to give out to the little guests. These can include coloring books, some candy, bubbles, play-doh, or one-dollar toys. This will not only have them entertained but it will also feel like a gift! And kids love it. It is best to also create goody bags with items appropriate for their age.

Movie Room

If your venue has space, create a movie room where kids can sit or lay down and have a movie marathon. Pick a recent or famous movie and you might even find a few older guests popping in for a few minutes.

Bouncy Castle

This is a very traditional entrainment that never goes out of style for kids of all ages. If your budget and space allow it, a bouncy castle is a great addition to keep kids entertained.

A wedding should be fun for everyone invited, kids included. This will also make older guests and yourself enjoy the wedding with more calm and less stress. There are plenty of ideas, it is best to talk with your wedding planner to see which are best for your big day.