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Hottest Trends in Dresses for Quinces or Sweet Sixteen Parties

Blonde girl in a white dress

It may seem like only yesterday when your daughter was toddling around in diapers, no taller than your kneecap. Now, you’re helping her plan her Sweet Sixteen party or Quinceanera celebration, handling every aspect of the affair, from investigating party hall rentals to picking out gowns. Naturally she wants to look especially glamorous for the occasion, but when it comes to young women’s fashions, you might find yourself a bit out-of-the-loop. We’re here to help. Here’s our brief guide to the hottest trends for Sweet Sixteen and Quinceanera gowns:


One-Strap Dresses:

Strapless dresses have been a classic formal look for years now, but expect to see more one-strap dresses in 2013. One-strap dresses are whimsical and asymmetrical while still maintaining sophistication. Plus, they’re a good compromise if you and your teen can’t come to an agreement on straps versus strapless.

High Low Hemlines:

Why choose one length when you can have both? High low hems on formal wear are hot right now, and the cut is flattering on most frames, whether tall and lanky or petite. In fact, a high low hem can elongate legs and make the wearer look taller.

Flowing Skirts:

Nothing looks more youthful and free than a long, flowing skirt. Silky fabrics look lovely when twirling around the dance floor, and they look great with a fitted strapless (or one-strap) bodice on top. Long skirts are an elegant look that’s age appropriate for your teen queen.
Cocktail Length:

If the ethereal flowing look isn’t your daughter’s style, she could always go with a shorter, more casual cocktail length dress. This style is perfect for a daytime affair, when a floor-length dress would look too formal. Cocktail length comes to about the knee and looks good as either an A-line or fitted skirt.


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