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The Guide to Picking a Special, Yet Practical, Wedding Venue

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Choosing a venue can take up a lot of time in your wedding plans. Your venue sets the tone for the entire ceremony, and choosing a perfect space for your special day can seem daunting and hopeless.

That’s why it’s important to make a list of your priorities. Wedding venues are more accommodating than they may seem at a first glance. Make a list of the things you absolutely cannot live without and pitch them — you never know what they’ll say.

That being said, here are some things you will need to discuss with your venue in order to determine if it’s right for your special day:

What is the largest amount of people the space can accommodate? Many people are concerned that their entire guest list won’t be able to fit in one room, but many couples don’t think of the possibility of having too much space. For a small, more intimate wedding, you don’t want to look at 500-person wedding ballrooms.

Another important space constraint, the layout of your venue may be restricting. Make sure the space can accommodate all of the components of your wedding, including the ceremony, cocktails, and reception. Depending on your guest list or the order and selection of events, you may need a very little bit of space, or you may need to rent out an entire venue.

Are your sights set on an outdoor wedding? Be sure that the venue has the resources to relocate you in case of inclement weather.

Of course, dream weddings don’t come cheap, but there’s no shame in budgeting. Be sure that the venue can accommodate your needs and fit your budget. If you have concerns, make them clear up front so the wedding reception venue can make adjustments in order to meet your qualifications.

Parking and transportation:
If you have a large wedding guest list, this can be very tricky to figure out. Is there enough parking for everyone? What about your guests who will not be driving? Is there a shuttle service, or will you need to arrange group transportation? Although travel is an often overlooked part of the wedding, getting to your destination is one of the most important components of the wedding day.

Having a caterer on-site makes planning so much easier. It takes away the added stress of coordinating transportation for a hired caterer and all of their supplies, and it ensures that your guests’ meals are prepared fresh.

If you’re looking for Miami wedding ballrooms that have all of the above, Renaissance Event Venues can accommodate all of your needs. Our all inclusive event packages keep you in check and on budget. We have multiple wedding ballrooms to accommodate weddings of all sizes, as well as outdoor spaces for those who wish to use it.

Our catering team is made up of formally trained chefs who studied at Johnson and Wales and Le Cordon Bleu, and who can cater your wedding on site.

Roughly 40% of brides and grooms say they are looking for unique wedding places that reflect their personalities, as well as meet all of their wants and needs. Contact Renaissance Event Venues today to discuss those special things you want to see on your big day.