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Getting married on Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 things to know

Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a very popular day for weddings. After all, it’s the day of love! If you are considering this day or already set the date, here are some things to know about getting married on Valentine’s Day.

1. You’ll always remember your anniversary

You might believe that forgetting the date of your wedding after several years of marriage is impossible – but it happens! Whether you have a lot going on or are just forgetful, getting married on this day will stick in your mind.

2. It’s easy to pick a theme for your wedding

Everything from pink to passionate red, touches of gold…it is easy to work with a theme when you are getting married on this day. However, you can also play with multiple variations. You can add new elements or stick to the traditional romantic ones like roses, chocolates, candlelights, and serve pink cocktails to set the romantic vibe.

3. Makes this day more personal

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many people worldwide, you get to have a more special meaning to this day with a wedding. For some couples, this day is just a commercial holiday. But when you get married on Valentine’s Day, the once-ordinary day becomes special. It’s the perfect time to further strengthen the bond between you and your loved one.

4. Consider your guests

Since this is a holiday celebrated by many, you want to make sure your guests are down to sharing this day with you. Be sure to consider their preferences when deciding on this day as the wedding date. After all you don’t want your guests to feel pressured to come to your wedding.

Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful and unforgettable moment to get married! However, there are some important things you might consider before setting the date. Make sure to book your venue on time to make sure you get married on Cupid’s watch. Contact us today for inquiries related to our venues and ballrooms in Miami.