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Four Unique Places to Shop to Make a Miami Wedding Venue Work For Your Theme

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When you finally decide on the perfect theme for your wedding, making a one of the large miami wedding venues fit with your theme is the fun part! While you could shop the traditional wedding and hobby stores for your decor, there are certainly other places you can turn to–especially if you are going with a farmhouse, country or shabby chic theme. We’ve put together a few unique places you may want to check for some “outside the box” wedding decor ideas.

  • Antique Malls – Look in your local Yellow Pages or on Google to find out if there are any Antique or Thrift malls near you. These facilities have “booths” that are rented by individuals, so that it’s like shopping from dozens of different vendors in one place. You’ll usually find lots of on-trend pieces here and prices are usually excellent.
  • Estate Sales – Estate sales have a reputation for expensive prices. However, if you really dig around you can often find some great values. Browse your local classifieds or check sites like and find the sales in your area. You may find some sales even have 50% off days on the last day of the sale.
  • Hardware Stores – Shop for a wedding at the hardware store? Actually, you may be surprised by how many great items you can find. If you are open minded and willing to put in a little work you’ll often find some great pieces that you can use in your decorating at both small local shops and the big sprawling home improvement stores.
  • Etsy – Looking for something that you can’t find anywhere else? Check Etsy. This site specializes in handmade and vintage items, so you are sure to find decor that is one-of-a-kind or not like you’ll find in the big box stores.

With all of these options, you can certainly find nearly any type of decor. Add a few focus pieces in with your items from the party or hobby store and you’ll have a simple, uniquely decorated wedding venue that will make for great photographs and memories.