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Crush Your Autumn Wedding With These Easy Planning Pointers


It’s pretty clear that people have particular preferences on when they get married. Not only the season but the time of day, too. In total, 53% of weddings happen in the afternoon, 31% in the evening, and 16% in the morning. It’s autumn now, a super popular wedding season, so get ready to plan a marriage masterpiece.

It’s not summer, so you need to change a few things up to get your guests into fall mode. It’s pretty easy, thankfully fall is a beautiful season. We’ve got you covered on ways to plan your fall wedding to make it the perfect autumn affair.


We’re hanging on to some of the remaining warmth and sun of summer without drowning in sweat, charging for the nearest air conditioner. Take advantage of this and plan the event to have a unique wedding venue that has both indoor and outdoor options for your guests to float between.

Seasonal catering

Tis the season for hearty foods. Remind guests that Thanksgiving is around the corner with a pie laden dessert table. Your catering options should encompass some lighter, end of summer dishes as well as some heavier cold-weather dishes. Menu diversity is always a good look and when you’re in between seasons like fall and summer, the options are vast. Narrow them to perfection.

Heat things up

This is obviously something that will need to be done at the discretion of your wedding reception venue but ask about a little outdoor fireplace or heating lamps to keep guests warm into the night while being outdoors. If that can’t be done, turn to the catering staff to fashion some warm (potentially boozy) fall beverages. Hot spiced/spiked cider and mulled wine are some of the most popular options. Of course, you can get creative with couples’ cocktails and booze your own adventure if you’d like.

It’s less difficult to find wedding venues than it is to plan the minute details of a party of this magnitude smoothly. Let us give you a hand, we’re pretty good at it. Tell us what you’re looking for and we can get creative together, taking the pain out of a process that should only be a pleasure.