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Five Ways to Avoid the Wedding Planning Blues

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things imaginable. After all, not only are you getting ready for a big step (marriage) but you are also putting together one of the largest parties of your life. However, if you approach the planning process in the right way, you can reduce this stress and relax as much as possible. Keep in mind these stress-reduction tips, and you may find that the wedding planning process is less complicated than you imagined.

* Manage the Expectations of Others – You have your own plans and hopes. Do not let others (your mom, grandparents or friends) change your expectations. Trying to live up to everyone’s desires will leave you feeling stressed.

* Control the Guest List – You do not have to invite everyone you have ever met. Fewer guests means less stress. See if you can cut that back and watch your stress diminish.

* Work with the Best Sometimes, it is worth it to do your research and find the best reception hall and vendors. The cost and effort will pay off when you are not stressing over details later.

* Communicate about the Budget- Make sure your spouse-to-be and anyone else involved in the planning process knows your budget and knows where you currently stand. Communication goes a long way.

* Take time for You and Your Spouse-to-be – Do not let the wedding take over every bit of free time you have. You and your spouse-to-be need to take time and connect with each other over the things you love. This will keep stress at bay.

As you can see, there are many ways to work on the stress that is building up as you plan your big day. If things get bad, just remember, it will all be over soon, and you’ll be relaxing on that special honeymoon you have planned!