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Five Tips for Throwing an Awesome 50th Anniversary Party

Anniversary party setup inside a tent

A fiftieth anniversary party is a big deal. With divorce rates sky-high, making it to this big day is something to celebrate. We’ve gathered five simple tips that will help you as you plan for this occasion.

  • Gold – The symbol for a 50th anniversary is gold, so you already have a good option for color scheme.
  • Include the Family – Make sure this event is one that the whole family can attend. In most cases, the guests of honor will want kids included!
  • Think About the Attendees – Since the guests of honor will be seniors themselves and likely there will be many older attendees, make sure your venue is accessible and there are plenty of seats so people can rest and relax.
  • Have Fun with Music and Decor – Think about what was popular when the couple was wed. This can be a great way to choose the music and decor–assuring everyone will have a good time.
  • Pictures – Finally, make sure there are plenty of pictures of the couple throughout the years. If you can make a collage or scrapbook, you’ll be able to include photos of the couple with their friends and family. Guests will love looking for pictures that include themselves, too.

No matter what, make sure you do what the lucky couple wants for this big day. If a huge party isn’t something that they want, perhaps celebrating on a small scale with family is a better choice. Whatever you choose to do, it is sure to be a day to remember.