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Christmas wedding ideas for your big day

Christmass wedding

The Winter season is a wonderful time to have a wedding with a Christmas vibe. If you are a holiday enthusiast then this time of the year is perfect to celebrate and put together the best reception of the holidays. There are plenty of Christmas wedding themes and ideas that can make this day ten times more magical. Here are some suggestions for a joyful Chirsmassy wedding day.

Winter venue
The first thing is finding the perfect winter venue to host your wedding at. Since it is most likely to be cold outside, it’s best to have an indoor venue option. Look out for venues that offer a cozy atmosphere and facilitate you with more options. At Renaissance, we offer you a wide range of in-house services to make your wedding planning easier for you.

Style the invitations
The wedding invitations say a lot about the wedding theme or tone. If you are having a Christmas wedding it’s a good idea to embrace the season by adding ornaments, traditional seasonal colors, or a design that makes your guests excited for the big day.

Hymns and carols
A Christmas or holiday wedding must have some traditional additions such as festive carols. There is something magical about singing those songs that will make your day feel even more special.

Set the tone
You can set the tone of the venue by adding garlands to line the chandeliers, ribbons, and of your a mistletoe or jingle bells. You can also have a dress code and ask your guests to go for sparkle, red tones, or anything that makes you feel festive. Don’t forget about those beautiful seasonal flowers as well!

Festive flavors
Holiday food and beverages are a must! These include having flavors like eggnog, peppermint, or cranberry into the food and drinks menu to add that hint of Christmas spirit.

There are many ideas you can add to make your winter wedding an amazing Christmas-themed day. Make sure to choose a venue and a planner that can help you explore several options and decide on a theme and details that appeal to your taste as well. A merry wedding is a fantastic idea!