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The Where and When of Your Big Day: Questions You Should Be Asking

infographic about couples searching for their wedding venue


If you’re beginning the exciting journey of planning your big day, then you know there are certain things that take precedence. There are probably two big questions you need to ask yourself and your future spouse as you sit down to plan: when and where. Obviously, the how comes into play throughout the entire process when trying to coordinate within your budget, but it is only really a reference point.

So you need to ask yourselves: where and when would you like to get married?

The when of the equation can be tricky because it will influence the where greatly. If you’re dead set on a June wedding, for example, many wedding venues will be booked out years in advance. So you’ll need to be flexible with your date or at the very least be able to fluctuate within the timeframe of a month. If you’re able to, consider finding the venue before selecting a date.

Which just leaves the where of the shindig left to be found. Finding your dream wedding venue can be a challenge for any couple but it’s still very much possible. There are many outlets to explore when venue hunting as well as many questions to ask. You should use the resources available to you to look around — 48% of couples use the internet in searching for their dream wedding venue. When you get a list of possible venues, you should contact the General Manager or Event Coordinator to ask some questions before committing to anything. Questions such as:

  1. What is the availability?
  2. What is the price and how much is the down deposit?
  3. Who are the approved or recommended vendors
  4. Is it handicap accessible?
  5. What is the max capacity?
  6. Is there a sound system already in place or will we need to provide one?
  7. Do you provide a caterer or is that something we will need to secure?
  8. Who will be our point of contact during the planning process as well as on the wedding day itself?

There are many more questions that you will need to ask that may be more specific to the wedding you had in mind, but these are good for general purposes. If a venue checks off all the boxes on your list (or at least most of them), then you’ve found your place. Finding your dream wedding venue was step one, and there are many more to follow. Consider looking for an all-inclusive venue that provides all of the big day’s services under one roof.