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6 Summer colors to consider for your wedding

Summer wedding

Summer weddings are a favorite amongst brides and guests. The weather is breezy, sunny, and vibrant. This season allows for various summer color palettes to choose from. Here are our top favorite colors we recommend considering for a summer wedding. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!

1) Green

Incorporate a modern and timeless twist on your decor with green tones. You can choose emerald-stone accessories for example, or add real green flowers to your wedding cake. Other popular shades of green include sage, lime green, emerald, mint, and forest green.

2) Orange

This citrusy hue is perfect for an all-over accent color. You can play around with an array of colorful items like tinted glassware, copper mugs, and vibrant blooms, and even add some fresh oranges as decor for a natural tablescape.

3) Blush

For many brides their favorite wedding hue is blush. This pinky-neutral tone is the perfect combination of warmth and femininity. Pair with soft earth tones, fluffy blooms for a romantic palette, candles, or sleek stemware for summery cocktails. And don’t forget to add some blush-tone flowers to enhance the vibe.

4) Fuchsia

The perfect color for a bold summer wedding! We suggest pairing it with understated neutrals to keep your guests from suffering visual fatigue. Add some statement-making fuchsia bougainvillea rose and hydrangea arrangements for a chic look accompanied by natural wood and ornate blue porcelain.

5) Violet

Vivid violets are a bold yet refreshing summer staple color. The cooler undertones make it a nice shade, that pairs great with more natural and organic textures and tones. Perhaps try a violet-toned cake or plates to add tone in a subtle way.

6) Red

This color is perfect for a picnic vibe wedding! Look to bright, primary reds and simple styles. Pair printed red tablecloths for a cottage-core look with centerpieces of potted plants in matching hues.

All these colors are a great choice if you are still undecided on what summer wedding theme to go with. There are multiple ways to integrate each one of them into your wedding decor. Set up an appointment with one of our event specialists to talk about all the details and experience our fully renovated venues.