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5 ideas to help you make an amazing New Year’s office party

New Year’s office party

The new year is almost here! And that means it’s time to plan the NYE office party to celebrate the wins of this year and welcome in the new with your coworkers. Here are some simple ideas to plan an amazing New Year’s office party.

1. Throw a costume New Year’s office party

Want to make the office party different from other years? Why not set a dress-up theme party? It’s fun and unique! Go for any costume theme, such as spaceman or woman, casino, or even the 20s or 80s. You can decide on the theme with the entire staff. This is also a great way to see all of the creative ways people dress up.

2. Find an exclusive venue

Consider renting a venue that has enough space for everyone (staff and family members). It’s important to choose a venue that provides things such as catering, sound equipment, and perhaps an event planner to help out. Make sure the location is one that appeals to everyone in the office.

3. Make a toast!

It’s that time of the year to come up with an inspiring and fun toast. A few words of acknowledgment and motivation go a long way. You can toast to a great year, the future of the company, or the amazing staff that has made everything possible. Make it a priority to cheer your team. And to make it even better why not add some sparkling wine, champagne, or fizzy fruit juice too?

4. Bring in a live band

No party is complete without music. To make it different, you could hire a live band. It can be a local artist that plays your coworkers’ favorite songs to make it more special. Or it can even be someone from the office who might be secretly musical.

5. Make a clock wall for the countdown

If you’re hosting a new years party for your team, consider making a wall of clocks for the ultimate countdown! This will be a very exciting moment for everyone. Have some champagne and confetti set for the midnight countdown!

These ideas will help you have an unforgettable New Year’s office party! Make sure to contact us to schedule a tour or book one of our ballrooms. We wish you all an amazing 2023, cheers!