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5 Easy Wedding Decorating Hacks

infographic: Brides and grooms look for wedding venues that fit their personality


Your wedding day is the time to let your personality shine. In fact, about 40% of all brides- and grooms-to-be look for unusual wedding venues to better reflect their personality. So here are five wedding ballrooms decorating tips to make your special day stand out!

1. Use the ceilings to your advantage
If you are looking for an unique way to decorate, look up to the ceilings. Draping white linen cloth from the rafters is a great way to have an understated, elegant vibe without too much fuss. If you want to go bold, pick a bright color like yellow or red.

2. Make a display out of the table assignments
Instead of putting the place cards all on one table, go for a twist and display them on a cork board. Put it in the entrance of the banquet hall, and you will save time and confusion when the guests go to sit down.

3. Go seasonal
You do not want to have heavy, dark colors during the summer, and light hues during the winter may look out of place. Instead, consider the season in which you are getting married, and coordinate your colors and linens to it. For example, most weddings are during the month of June, so go for light, flowy fabrics in pastel hues during that time of year.

4. Hang your flowers
Be creative, and suspend your flowers from the rafters! This will not only open up the table area, but it will create a more intimate vibe all around.

5. Using chalkboards
Chalkboards are extremely versatile and easy to make. Pick up a few inexpensive chalkboards, paint a vintage frame to match the rest of your decor, and place these boards anywhere where you think your guests will need some direction. For example, chalkboards will be helpful as menus on the cocktail bar, or as directional signs to indicate where the venue’s restrooms are. Don’t forget to place one at the entrance, to let your guests know they’ve found the right ceremony.

It is important to start planning your reception as soon as you can; wedding planners recommend starting as early as one year before the wedding. As there are so many wedding ballrooms to choose from, it is crucial to get a jump-start on the process and lock in your choice.

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