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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Event Venue

Corporate event venue

Choosing the venue is the major piece of the puzzle for any event no matter the type or size. The venue will host the attendees and the experience itself, along with other details it will be the most noticeable piece of your event. If you are planning on having a corporate event, make sure to choose a venue that’s cost-effective, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are son tips that will help you decide on the best venue for your corporate event.

1. Choose a corporate event venue that fits your brand

Your event should be in coherence with your brand, and the venue is no exception. A good tip is to picture where certain activities and groups will be located when you make the tour venue. Will there be space for interviews and media presence? Will there be space for sponsors? Make sure the venue you decide on has the right space to make an emotional connection with your attendees. This will help you build brand loyalty and keep them coming back to your next events.

2. Prioritize accessibility

It’s important for the venue you choose to be accessible for all. Consider all of your attendees and be sure that everyone can navigate the space with ease, including those with special needs. The majority of event spaces have already considered this. As you check out each venue, be sure to have the venue representative show you how the space is accessible to everyone.

3. Choose a sustainable corporate event venue

If sustainability is important to you and your brand, ask the venue about their green practices such as recycling, energy, and water conservation. Chances are, your attendees will also care about the environment and they’ll therefore appreciate a venue and host that respect these values.

4. Keep food & beverage accommodations in mind

Food and beverages are usually an important part of an event. They appeal to the senses, keep people comfortable, and can serve as conversation starters. Will the venue provide a kitchen and staff in your total package? Or, will third-party catering be your best bet instead? If you’re planning to serve alcohol, don’t forget to ensure that the venue has the proper license.

It’s important to do some research about the venue either before or after the tour. A venue’s marketing materials and website are a good start. Input from a trusted event planner is a good idea as well. Make sure to schedule a tour at our venues today, and ask about our on-site event services.