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4 Most Important Expenses of Wedding Ceremonies

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Think of a wedding, and your mind might first be drawn to dresses, tuxedoes, rings, and the like. While these expenses must certainly be accounted for, other items can have as big, if not bigger, of an impact on your budget. A properly planned ceremony can help set the foundation for a healthy marriage, and that means having a well-managed budget. Here are the most important expenses to keep in mind for the big event.

1. Get the Venue Pinned Down Quickly

One of the greatest expenses for many ceremonies is the venue. Chapels, greenhouses, private beaches, gardens; there are many different options and prices can vary substantially. Ultimately, the venue you pick may end up having the biggest overall impact on the look and vibe of your event. According to our experts, it’s wise to select a venue at least nine months to a year before your special day. The best venues for local weddings get booked early, so act quickly if you want a truly stunning or unique location.

2. Keep Catering Costs in Mind

When it comes to visuals, your venue will set the stage, but sight isn’t the only sense you should cater to. Indeed, the right catering can create memorable impressions that will excite taste buds. The type of meals you serve and the cake offered can have a big impact on your budget.

For many, a bar in the venue has become close to a must. This is often considered a separate expense from food and cake catering. However, the expenses of serving alcohol should be taken into account.

3. Are You Hiring a Live Band?

A live band can make your ceremony a unique and memorable experience. You’ll often find many great local bands playing at local weddings or your venue/professional wedding planners can make recommendations. Keep in mind that the best musicians may charge a fair bit, and you’ll likely have to book them early.

4. Lasting Memories With Photography

Your ceremony is for a day, but high-quality photographs can be forever. You’ll want to capture all the sights and sounds of your amazing event with photos and videos. Hiring a professional wedding photographer will help you preserve memories not just for yourself and your guests, but also for future generations.

If you’re looking for an exceptional, one-stop-shop wedding solution, get in touch with Renaissance today! Our event specialists would love to speak with you about our packages and luxury venue.