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3 Tips for Hosting a Big Wedding

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Are you throwing a big wedding ceremony? Perhaps you come from a big family and have lots of friends that you want to have on your special day. It may feel overwhelming to plan such an event, however, some tips can help keep it all under control. From finding the best wedding venues in Miami to working on a seating chart, here are three tips to consider when hosting a big wedding.

1. Choose a spacious venue

One of the most essential and obvious tips for a big wedding is making sure every guest can fit comfortably in the venue. It’s important to ensure there is enough space to move around, sit, and walk around especially if there are going to be more than 50 guests in the same area. This is why it’s key to visit the venue and take measures or envision the layout of the tables and decor before making a reservation. If the vision for your wedding doesn’t fit the space, perhaps it’s best to look for other venue options.

2. Design a seating chart

Creating the seating chart for a larger wedding at one of the best wedding venues in Miami requires finesse. To avoid complications, it would be best to work on this task with the help and guidance of an event planner. Additionally, to prevent significant changes later make sure to start the seating chart only after you have an accurate headcount. However, don’t wait until the last minute to work on this, as it is a very important element for the wedding to go smoothly. By finishing tasks ahead of schedule and double-checking your work, you can remove any chance of error.

3. Make a plan to see everyone

Your wedding guests are coming to celebrate you, but with over 100 people you might think it’ll be hard to spend time with each one. A good idea is to host a welcome party or rehearsal dinner prior to the wedding. This way you can say hello to guests before the wedding and avoid feeling the pressure to do so on the actual day. You can also design a time in the wedding party to tour around the tables (good idea you worked on the seating chart) for a quick hello or pictures with guests.

Although a large wedding might seem hard to handle, it is not impossible! With the proper team of planners and the right venue, it can all go smoothly. These tips can help ensure your big wedding is as enjoyable and manageable as any other wedding. If you are looking for the best wedding venues in Miami, make sure to contact us today and schedule a tour to look at our beautiful and spacious ballrooms.