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3 beautiful spring wedding themes and ideas

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Spring is known as the season of rebirth because, after a long winter, everything becomes green and fresh again. Weddings in spring can range from early March to mid-June, making it a very popular choice for weddings across the country. Springtime weddings include fresh blooms, pretty pastel hues, and other inspiring details. Here are some ideas and themes for a beautiful spring wedding.

The best colors for a spring wedding

Every season has a color palette that resembles the main colors. For spring weddings it’s all about colors you see in bloom—pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green. A good tip for creating a balanced color palette is to choose two main colors and pair them with a neutral (cream, white, gray, black, etc.) for the most visually pleasing combination. If you are not into pastels or bright tones you can choose a richer tone such as emerald, as your main color and accent it with a muted pastel.

Tropical touches

A tropical theme is perfect for spring nuptials. Centerpieces of orchids, king protea bouquets, and boutonnieres of birds of paradise will all lend a tropical feel to your wedding. Incorporate smart and sophisticated accents of palm fonds, blushing bride protea, and orchids into more traditional floral installations, to avoid making it feel like a Hawaiian party pack. This allows you to balance the venue and keep it flowery but classy.

Dark accents

Just because spring’s popular tones are pastel colors it doesn’t mean black is off the table. Actually, it’s very much on the table. Black hues such as onyx, charcoal, obsidian, raven, and ink add a vibe to a spring wedding. You can incorporate dark accents in smoky black wine glasses, black taper candles, and matte black flatware to a tabletop filled with more typical spring hues. Black décor works best when placed alongside something more traditional, while too much can certainly venture into goth vibes.

A spring wedding is all about blooming and seasonal produce. It’s best to talk to the venue planner to choose the right tones and elements to accompany your wedding. At Renaissance, our in-house floral design team will create gorgeous one-of-a-kind decorations that will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come. Contact us to explore our varied services and venues.