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How Does a Quinceanera Party Look Like?

Quinceanera Party

When a Latina girl turns 15, she needs more than a regular birthday celebration. She needs a quinceanera party!. It’s a grand celebration that ushers a girl into womanhood. Learn more about what a quinceanera looks like as you plan your own or a loved one’s special birthday party.

Rent a Ballroom

A backyard barbecue isn’t good enough for a quinceanera. This party needs a ballroom with plenty of space for guests to celebrate, eat and dance the night away.

Dress the Part

The white, formal dress a girl wears to the quinceanera’s religious ceremony serves as the party dress, too. Once at the party, the birthday girl receives a tiara, and her father will replace her youthful shoes with an adult version after the father-daughter dance kicks off the party.

Invite Family and Friends

In addition to the 15 attendant friends who stand at the guest of honor’s side during the religious ceremony, family and friends join the after-party. They welcome the chance to celebrate the special day.

Dance the Night Away

Music and dancing have to be part of a quinceanera. The family should hire a quality DJ who knows how to keep the party going and plays the songs the guests will enjoy dancing to.

Eat Yummy Food

Every party includes yummy food, and a quinceanera is no exception. It typically features a complete meal and cake. If the birthday girl wants a toast, ensure plenty of beverages are on hand for all the guests.

A quinceanera celebrates a girl’s 15th birthday. Party in style when you incorporate all the essentials of this special party.