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The Rise of the 1 Year Anniversary Parties

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This year marks the beginning of the exponential growth of one-year anniversary parties. First anniversary parties were not a regular event unless the couple decided to elope. In 2020, engaged couples decided to go without the big wedding and elope in a small ceremony. With ballrooms in Miami opening up to more events, recently married couples are taking the opportunity to host an extravagant one-year anniversary party to celebrate their marriage the way they originally intended.

​All the Fun without the Stress
Before 2020, recently engaged couples eloped for many reasons. They may have not wanted a large ceremony, or they were impatient and wanted to be married as soon as possible. No matter the reason, eloping does remove the stress leading up to the wedding. A one-year anniversary party includes all the fun and excitement of a wedding reception without the anxiety that goes along with the ceremony. Couples feel more relaxed because they are already married. They can enjoy the party without having to think of their vows, getting the rings, or doing any fittings.

Better Planning and Scheduling
​When the stress is removed from the equation, the couple can better focus on what they actually want for their party. They are more likely to not think things through or schedule accordingly during normal wedding planning. Since they are married now, they can focus appropriately on what they want their party to be. They may find more options to ballrooms in Miami, food vendors, and decorations. A clear mind is important in planning. 

​Gathering Friends and Family
Aside from celebrating the union between two people, one of the reasons behind the anniversary party is to invite all the friends and family unable to attend the original ceremony. 2020 made it difficult for everyone to be at large events. These family and friends can come and celebrate this joyous day with the couple.