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Pros and cons of having a wedding on a weekday

wedding on a weekday

Weddings continue to evolve and change, which means couples are opening up to new ways of celebrating this big day. Although it has been a favorable tradition to have a wedding on the weekend, you can also consider the weekdays for your celebration. Read on to know about the pros and cons to weigh about a weekday wedding.


1) More chances to secure your dream venue

Chances are your preferred venue and vendors are already booked from Friday to Sunday for other weddings. Having a wedding on a Wednesday for example, gives you a much higher chance of booking a venue and not worrying about its availability.

2) You can cut down your guest list

Weekday weddings are perfect if you are wanting to have a small wedding, but have a large number of people you need to invite. With busy schedules, it is most likely that fewer people are going to attend. This way, you can be discreet about including everyone, but lowkey end up celebrating with those you’re closest with.

3) You can save money or get better deals

Wedding venue and vendor rates are highest on Saturdays as it is the most in-demand day. If you choose your celebration to a day when they’re not already guaranteed to bring in business, they’ll likely cut you a better deal!


1) Not everyone will be able to attend

The biggest con of a weekday wedding is that it will be harder for guests to attend as they probably have busy schedules. However, if announced with time they might be able to take the day off to celebrate with you. If a weekday is a complication for the majority of your guests, perhaps it’s best to stick to the weekend.

2) The party might not be so much fun

In most cases, a weekday wedding is going to be more chill. A Friday or Saturday wedding can give guests the freedom to have a late-night dance party as there is no work or other duties to think about the next day. On weekdays it might be harder for guests to focus solely on celebrating. Nonetheless, with the right people nearby, chances are you’ll have fun no matter what!

Perhaps you had not yet considered having a wedding on the weekend. However, there are interesting aspects that can fit with what you are desiring during this important celebration. Look at the pros and cons and decide if a weekday suits your wedding ideal. Remember to schedule an appointment on time to visit our renovated ballrooms. Contact us today!