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Pantone’s Decor, Event and Wedding Color Trend Predictions for 2018

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Pantone is the company that nearly everyone turns to when it comes to color trends. Each year they pick a “color of the year,” which is certain to be hot in decorating, fashion and yes—event planning.

2017 Color of the Year–Greenery

The 2017 color of the year is a crisp yellow-green shade called “greenery.” Choosing this as an accent color for your wedding or event plan is certain to be a hit. However, Pantone also goes one further—predicting color trends in general.

Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman has shared a few color and design trends that you can expect to be huge in 2018 (of which they will likely pick up steam during the upcoming second half of 2017).

What to Expect in the World of Color

Trends that Leatrice Eiseman has highlighted include iridescent and metallic hues. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean bold, colorful shades. In her opinion, these will both play out in a more neutral form. Think pearlescent shades, for instance.

For anyone planning a wedding, this is a great piece of news. Think of the possibilities in light iridescent shades for wedding décor. Adding metallic or iridescent colors to traditional wedding colors will give them a whole new appeal while keeping an old-fashioned feel. Think of wedding white with pearlescent blue, green or pink accents.

In other news, the pastel trend is starting to fade a bit, and bold colors are picking up steam. Therefore, anyone who is looking for modern options may think of jewel tones or other deep, dark shades.

While trending colors are always changing, understanding what is hot today (and tomorrow) can help you stay on point as you plan your next big event. Pantone is always a great resource for doing just that.