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Let Them Eat Wedding Cake!

Wedding cake

Aside from the bride’s gown, when it comes to weddings there is probably no more iconic image than the wedding cake.

From a relatively modest three-tier confection adorned with a ring of sugary flowers to mega-cakes stacked higher than the bride’s height and draped and garlanded with living blooms, wedding cakes can – and have – run the gamut. Just this past February, a bakery in England created what was reportedly the most expensive wedding cake, valued at $52 million – that’s right million – and covered in diamonds. The biggest cake – immortalized by Guinness World Records – was made by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in 2004 and weighed an astounding 15,032 pounds.

Purple wedding cake

For most brides and grooms, the cost (and weight) of a cake will obviously be much lower; a 2011 survey from the website found the average price of a cake to be just above $500. (Of course, the larger your guest list, the bigger the cake.) But no matter what you pay, you want to be sure your cake excels in two very important areas: Looks and taste.

Ideally, your cake will play off your wedding’s theme, incorporating colors, flowers or other elements that were used in the ceremony or the reception, or that represent a unique aspect of your relationship. And, just as ideally, it will be moist and delicious, prepared by someone with lots of experience in creating cakes for life’s biggest events.

Lots of event providers who offer Miami wedding packages include generic cakes in their deals; but at Renaissance Miami, we offer boutique cakes prepared in house by experienced bakers and styled according to your specifications to ensure a custom result. With lots of styles, flavors and decorations to choose from and a staff of professional bakers ready to go to work for you, you cake will taste as good as it looks.