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How To Plan an Amazing Bridal Shower

bridal shower planning

When a close friend or relative gets engaged it can be an exciting time for so many people. The love and excitement can go through an entire family like a gust of wind. There is so much planning that goes into creating a dream wedding for them, but there are also events outside of the big day that takes a lot of planning as well. If you have been asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor, it may be time to sit down and start thinking about planning the all-important bridal shower.

Thinking Ahead

If your bridal shower planning involves pulling out all of the stops, you will want to start picking up the phone months in advance. Event Venues and party venues can get booked up months in advance, and you do not want to be stuck scrambling for a place last minute. The bride will have these pictures and memories for the rest of her life, and you want to make sure the location of the party is amazing. With the most popular month to get married being June, you will want to really plan ahead if you are wanting to host the shower in March, April, or May.

Food Matters

The next thing to think about when you are on your bridal shower planning journey is the food. The food can really make or break an event. It is often a conversation starter for the guest as well as the wedding party. To help ease the worry of food preparation, look into hiring catering services. Not only will it ensure you are getting delicious and hot food, but it is one less thing for the event planner to worry about on the day of. It will also give the guest a chance to try new and tasty things since most catering companies offer unique dishes for their customers.

Have Entertainment

The last thing that a great bridal shower needs is some form of entertainment. There are great games that you can find online that are sure to make your guest laugh. Chances are you have been to a shower that had games, and I’m sure those are the ones you remember the most.

Always remember that the bride loves you and will be thankful for any shower that you throw them. Don’t let the bridal shower planning stress you out too much. Just try your hardest and she will be grateful. Enjoy the memories that you make with each other because memories are some of the best gifts in life.