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Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding Cake


A traditional wedding cake can be a glorious creation. However, many couples want something a little different for their special day. They don’t want the same cake hundreds of other couples have chosen over the years. If you’re looking for inspiration for changing up your cake so it’s everything but traditional, consider these ideas. 

A Nautical Theme

Whether you’re having a beach wedding or have chosen a beach theme for your reception, decorating your cake with something from the sea can easily integrate your cake into your theme. If you choose to use real seashells, make sure you thoroughly wash and sanitize them before placing them on your cake.

Gilded Toppers

Most people choose ceramic or plastic for their cake topper. You will find a vast array of your typical options, as well as a number of comical or non-traditional poses. However, if you want something that exudes class and looks elegant, consider a gilded topper. These toppers stand out and look amazing atop a white wedding cake.

Fresh Produce

Using fresh flowers to decorate a cake has become relatively commonplace but have you considered using fresh produce on your cake? Fresh herbs can create a fun look for your cake, depending on the plants you choose. Fresh fruit can also be beautiful when cut and arranged decoratively on your cake. Your guests can even eat the decorations!

Unique Pigmentation

Most wedding cakes feature white or ivory frosting and may be decorated in frosting or fondant in other colors as well. However, you can opt for something out of the ordinary by requesting fondant that is dyed in a unique pattern. Perhaps you want a marbled look to your cake or even the impression of a watercolor painting.

While there’s nothing wrong with going traditional with your wedding cake, there are plenty of options today for dressing up your cake. You can opt for a creation that really stands out and keeps your guests talking.