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Exploring 3 Of 2017’s Hottest Wedding Trends

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When it comes to tying the knot, industry trends are constantly evolving to cater to the tastes of spouses-to-be. Each year, more and more unique ideas rise to popularity, and even though they often don’t stay there, understanding current trends can help you determine exactly which type of ceremony and reception will suit you and your significant other best. Here are just a few of 2017’s hottest wedding trends to consider for your big day.

Strategic Metallics
One unique trend that’s popping up in weddings this year involves the strategic use of metallic colors and styles. Copper, rose gold, and pewter make great additions to countless color and design schemes. However, the key is not to overdo it: keep it concealed within smaller details so that the colors add just the right amount of touch. If you’re unsure which design elements to incorporate metallics, discuss your options with the professional in charge of your dream wedding plans.

Fanciful Flowers
While flower arrangements are a staple at any wedding and included in most wedding planner packages, the difficult part comes with deciding which type(s) you prefer. The current trend seems to focus on ‘soft-petal’ blooms such as garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and peonies. Why? They perfectly capture the essence of romance. Another trend involves the most beautiful parts of the flower — the petals.

“Peonies, in particular are in high demand,” noted “Loose rose petals, used as a ‘garland’ or runner atop tables or scattered among floating candles, are another trend that’s coming on strong.”

Classy, Yet Casual
Finally, another emerging trend involves organization — or lack thereof. Believe it or not, many brides are growing weary of the idea of their tables being “too perfectly organized.” Normally, it’s a good idea to book your wedding reception site as soon as possible once you’re engaged (at least nine to 12 months before the wedding), so if you feel as though you share similar thoughts, consider casualizing your ceremony or reception by opting for wedding venue rentals that feel a bit more like party hall rentals. You’ll still be able to add as much class as you want, but your guests won’t feel like they’re obligated to act excessively formal.

Ultimately, understanding these wedding trends can help you make the best decision about the specifics of your big day. For more information about party hall rentals, contact Renaissance Miami.