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Decorating Tips for Non-Decorators

Wedding decoration

If you are not crafty or artistic, one of the most difficult projects you may have is coming up with wedding reception decorations, especially if you are on a budget. Before you wind up pulling your hair out trying to find just the right banquet halls decorations, consider these tips that may keep you grounded.

  • The Venue Matters – Think about where you are holding your wedding. It could be that the venue does not require extensive decor to look its best. For instance, ballroom decorations should be at a minimum, since the venue is normally very attractive on its own.
  • Let the Flowers Lead – Your flowers should be one of the biggest sources of decor. You at least want to look at what flowers you have available to choose your colors, and when possible you can use flowers for centerpieces and accent pieces around the room.
  • Pinterest – In today’s social media-driven world, Pinterest is a great resource for affordable and fun ideas you can use for banquet halls decorations. A quick perusal of the site will show you that there are a number of great ideas out there.
  • Delegate – You can easily delegate this task. Either hire a professional that can handle the wedding, or if you have a crafty and trustworthy friend or family, let her at it!
  • Keep it Simple – Do not stress over wedding decorations. Sometimes the most simple decorations can make for a beautiful ceremony and reception. If you go overboard, you will just have more to clean up after the event too.

As you can see, decorations really are not something you should worry about too much if you can delegate it. The bride and groom are really going to steal the show anyway.