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Brides: 4 Super Important Steps To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

Infographic about brides and their wedding planning

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There’s search engine optimization, social media optimization, and in 2015, there’s even wedding optimization. Yes, brides are now planning ahead to make sure their wedding is perfectly optimized for social media sharing.

Let’s be real, from the moment you get engaged to the day your first grandchild is born, modern love involves countless social media updates, photo albums, hashtags, and hopefully, a lifetime of not-at-all-passive-aggressive “Likes” from your friends. Now, the modern bride is leaning into the social media frenzy. After all, what’s wrong with wanting to share the happiest day of your life with all your friends and family, while also documenting one of the most important rites of passage in your lifetime?

But how do you go about optimizing your wedding for social media? We provide banquet halls and ballrooms in Miami, where we’ve learned a few things about planning the most social media friendly wedding possible.

Tip One: Start Planning As Early As Possible
Each year, 2.4 million people get married, and about 30% of brides will start planning seven months to a year before their date. Early planning is key.

Even before the digital revolution, planning a wedding always involved a social element. Chances are you’ll make your big engagement announcement online, and these photos and posts are a great contrast when incorporated into your future wedding album. And again, when you’re preparing to send out your invitations, share photos of your invitations online as your ongoing documentation of the wedding.

Tip Two: Choose a Wedding Hashtag
In their Winter Wedding Guide, New York Magazine interviewed Elizabeth Olson, whose DIY wedding went viral in 2013. On picking the perfect hashtag, Olson has some fantastic advice:

“You shouldn’t spend longer than 60 seconds thinking of it — the quicker it comes to you, the better. The more you think and ruminate on it, the more pained it will feel. My now-husband, Preston, and I were watching TV and talking about our save-the-dates, which I designed to read, ‘OMG we’re getting married.’ Preston said, ‘Why don’t we make our hashtag like that?’”

Olson and her husband chose #EPOMG, a combination of their initials and the abbreviation OMG.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Venue
When choosing event venues and places to have a wedding, it’s no longer enough to simply pick a place with the right size and price. Unique wedding places can make for fantastic wedding photos, but some brides prefer the classic look and opt for elegant ballrooms in Miami. Make sure you choose a beautiful wedding places that will provide proper lighting and decor for truly memorable wedding photos.

If you’re trying to book popular wedding venues, make sure to book as soon as possible! Our ballrooms in Miami host weddings and wedding receptions, and many brides book nine months to a year in advance.

Tip 4: Enjoy Yourself
Remember: having a social media friendly wedding doesn’t mean spending the day on your phone or tablet. Work with your bridesmaids and photographer ahead of time to make sure they know exactly what you want. And when the big day arrives, make sure you have the time of your life. We promise, there’s nothing like pure joy and enthusiasm to make wedding photos and memories your friends and family can’t wait to share online.