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A Touch of Spring for Your Baby Shower

baby shower hall in Miami

Winter will soon grow into spring, and party halls in Miami are preparing for the coming season. There is something about the warm weather, blossoming gardens, and the birds chirping that has everyone wanting to host all kinds of events. Spring is more known for the abundance of weddings, but this season is perfect for baby showers. The idea of life returning after a long winter makes an excellent theme for any new mothers and provides plenty of beautiful ideas for their showers.

​Blooming Florals
When discussing spring, baby shower themes, florals will come up one way or another. Have the blooming spring flowers represent the new little blossom joining the family. Keep the color palette bright and cheerful. Include fake or real flowers in the decor. Edible flowers can also be added to the menu such as in the desserts or the drinks. While exchanging presents, have guests participate in creating their own floral perfume.

It’s a Baby ‘Shower’
Rainy days are no problem with this theme. Spring showers can be as colorful and decorative as possible. Hang fake clouds with sparkling raindrops flowing down from the ceiling. Place little umbrellas as the centerpieces on the tables. If an activity is needed, have the guests paint their own rainbow flower pots for their plants to grow during future rainy days.

​Hopping Down the Bunny Trail
Bunnies seem to be popping up everywhere in spring. The bunny theme joins together with a cute gardening theme at the party hall in Miami. Evenly place stuffed, adorable bunnies around either as centerpieces or as casual decor. Keep all the party favors in woven baskets for guests to take home after the shower.

​Bumbling Bab-Bee
Celebrate a new little one joining the hive with a bee themed baby shower. Keep the color palette filled with bright yellows, blacks, and tans. Honeycombs are must in decorating for this shower, and their shape can be used anywhere. Shape the honey desserts, confetti, plates, and more in a hexagon. The party favors for this shower can be customized honey jars for guests to enjoy. Hosting this baby shower at a party hall in Miami will be all the buzz.