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5 Wedding reception entry ideas

The wedding reception or party is one of the most enjoyable parts for the couple as well as the guests. Traditionally the wedding reception is started off with the “grand entrance”. This is basically the arrival of the newlyweds to the party. Here are some entrance ideas to consider for the special day.

1. A dance-off

A dance-off is a classic (and funny) way to get the audience amped. There are also lots of options. You can do a dance battle between the team bride and team groom. Or a special choreography, either upbeat or romantic. This is a great way to enter the dancefloor and get the party started!

2. A balloon drop

A balloon drop can make for a mesmerizing wedding entrance idea (and the pictures will look beautiful too). It’s important for the balloons to match the wedding theme. The balloons can also be an addition to the entrance dance or ball with your partner. This will make a very romantic and special wedding entrance.

3. A flash mob

If you are hosting a big wedding reception, you can opt to organize a flash mob. Start with a few people from the wedding party and as the music keeps playing, more guests from the crowd can join in. To make it even better, incorporate additional items such as sunglasses or photo booth props, and confetti bombs for the grand finale.

4. Make it rain

This is the perfect entrance for an indoor wedding at some place like Vegas or Miami. Once people start coming into the reception area, have them line up with some fun prompts like big sunglasses on and dollar bills (can be fake) in hand. Then, once the music starts, let the DJ turn on a disco light, and as the newlywed couple makes their way to the stage, everyone starts to throw the bills!

5. Swap outfits

For an entrancing idea that will be unforgettable, try swapping outfits! This can go two ways. If you want to make it glamorous change into a more fashionable bride and groom outfit. If you want to make it funny, trade outfits – including shoes – with your partner! Then, dim the lights and dance your way onto the stage in your new attire. You’ll instantly create a vibrant party environment for everyone around.

It’s important to remember that the right venue should also be one where you can’t host the wedding entrance that you want. That is why having an indoor venue is a great choice as nothing can ruin this moment. Make sure to book a tour and talk to our event planners to learn more about out ballrooms.