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4 Tips for Baby Shower Guest Management

Baby showers are full of loving, supportive people excited to welcome your baby. Usually, everyone wants to attend. However, there are quite a few things to remember that can help you manage your baby shower guest list. This article will help you ensure the event sta

1. Create a Thoughtful Guest List

Inviting everyone who says they want to attend the baby shower is tempting. However, carefully considering everyone you put on the guest list is crucial. This is a great way to narrow down the guest list to ensure you don’t wind up with too many people for the baby shower event locations you have in mind.

2. Request RSVP Notices

Send out invitations promptly to ensure everyone has ample time to determine whether they can attend. Make sure to include RSVP information on the invitation. Potential guests should be told they can call or text you to let you know if they can make it. Some people also include their email. RSVPs can help you develop a definite guest list.

3. Know the Details

You must know the details before telling everyone about the event. According to Whova, you should ask yourself three questions before picking a venue: budget, estimated venue size, and space requirements. You’ll need to know these details to put them on the invitation, which can help people decide whether they can come.

4. Ample Activities

If you have an extensive guest list, consider ample things to do at the event to ensure everyone has a good time. Include tables and seating with catering for food and cake. Baby shower games remain a popular option. Some baby shower event locations offer a photo booth for additional fun. It’s important to plan activities with the size of your guest list in mind. However, don’t forget to include plenty of room for activities when considering baby shower event locations.

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