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4 Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

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Your wedding is supposed to be your perfect day. You want everything to be just right. You want to have a gorgeous dress, delicious food, and beautiful weather to celebrate in. You may have already done so much planning for your wedding, but there are still a few details to iron out.

It’s time to pick the venue. Do you want to have your wedding in a church, maybe in your parent’s big backyard? Your cousin had her wedding at a museum, and that was cool. But what about you? Having your wedding at the beach is the perfect choice for the best time of your life. Here are four reasons you should have your wedding at the beach.

Relaxed Feel
Your wedding will be nothing but laid back if you have it at the beach. Other wedding locations may feel too formal or uptight for you. Beach weddings are the exact opposite of the cookie-cutter wedding you’ve seen a million times on TV.

If you are looking for a small, intimate wedding venue, then the beach is perfect for you. You have much more time to spend with your guests when you have a smaller wedding. No worries about running around saying hello to every distant relative that pops into the wedding when you have an intimate beach wedding.

Being at the beach is one of the most romantic wedding places you can imagine. Looking out at the water with your toes in the sand is so much better than standing in a boring reception hall while you recite your vows to the love of your life. You also don’t have to lift a finger for the view. If you had your wedding in a ballroom, you would have to decorate for hours to get the same awe-inspiring look of the beach.

Your beach wedding can also double as a honeymoon destination. It can be hard to travel a far distance the day after your wedding to jet off to your honeymoon. With a beach wedding, you don’t have to do that. Why not stay at the gorgeous place where you said “I do” to enjoy a week-long celebration with your new spouse?

If you are looking for some romantic wedding places to celebrate your big day, consider having your wedding at the beach! A whole 35% of weddings take place outdoors nowadays, so join the club!