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4 Great Tips for Planning a Large Wedding

Weddings are a special day for the individuals getting married as well as their loved ones. On that day, you exchanged vows with your partner in front of family and friends. If you’re planning a large wedding, there are many details to figure out. From choosing among wedding halls to picking the date, here are four key tips for planning a large wedding.

1. Start With the Guest List

Since a wedding is a special day, you want to invite the people closest to you. Remember, though, that you’re planning a guest list with your partner, so before you know it, your list may balloon out of control! According to Josh Harrison Photography, a couple getting married invites, 178 guests on average. Sit down with your partner to decide who you must invite to your wedding and get that list as complete as possible. Start sending out those RSVPS sooner rather than later so you can have an ideal headcount for catering, place settings, wedding gifts, and so on.

2. Hire a Planner

Weddings can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Ease the burden of planning and hire a professional who knows everything about the process. Your planner can handle everything from picking the ideal wedding halls and choosing a caterer to mailing out RSVPs!

3. Note Blackout Dates

Picking the date for your ideal wedding is no small task. Sit with your partner to review any blackout dates you can’t host your wedding on. Those blackout dates may include certain family members’ birthdays, holidays, conferences, local events, and anything that can make it hard for people to come at that time.

4. Consider the Season

June is the month that most people get married. Summer as a whole is a busy time for nuptials, so there’s a great deal of competition for wedding halls. At that time, it can be expensive for guests to rent hotels if they’re coming from out of town. So, think about the perfect season to host your nuptials. If you plan on having a summer wedding, just be prepared to pay the surplus in your budget. When planning a late fall or winter wedding, be mindful of where the family holidays fall during that time.

As you can see, planning large weddings involves many moving parts. You have to pick a wedding hall, the ideal date, and more. Be easy on yourself and contact our wedding services. Here at Renaissance Miami, we supply wedding venues, entertainment, custom cakes, and more!