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Bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers.

The Top Three Most Romantic Wedding Venues

More brides and grooms (40%) are teaming up to plan wedding ceremonies and receptions. (And 75% of grooms will graciously give their input about what items they would like to see on the wedding gift registry.) Soon-to-be married men and…

Have You Seen Jeff Goldblum’s Viral Wedding Photo?

Outdoor wedding venues and unique wedding places are rapidly gaining popularity -- and with good reason. Getting a little creative with your wedding plans (including the ceremony and party venues!) will help make your big day unforgettable, and you are…

Glasses og champagne

What Makes Miami Wedding Venues Stand Out

When you are planning your wedding, few things are more important than the location. It sets the tone for the entire ceremony and serves as the backdrop for all of your pictures and memories. Miami wedding venues stand out above…