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infographic on when the average woman says "I do"

Two Ways To Make Your Wedding Truly Unique

Seventy percent of U.S. men and women believe a new bride should take her husband's last name. Purple is an ever-popular wedding color, monopolizing one-fifth of all weddings. And the average woman will say I do (for the first time,…

Bride and groom kissing. Holiday-Themed Wedding

Two Reasons To Have A Holiday-Themed Wedding

Most engagements last an average of 16 months, 15% of couples will throw a reception outdoors, and one in five brides will choose the color purple as part of their color scheme. Perhaps the fastest growing trend, however, is making…

Infographic about couples and their wedding planning

Two Ways To Make Your Special Day Truly Your Own

Planning a wedding that is truly unique can be something of a challenge -- especially with all of the images and ideas shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It is more than possible to make your special day completely…

Bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers.

The Top Three Most Romantic Wedding Venues

More brides and grooms (40%) are teaming up to plan wedding ceremonies and receptions. (And 75% of grooms will graciously give their input about what items they would like to see on the wedding gift registry.) Soon-to-be married men and…

Wedding decorations

Most popular wedding colors: 2014

Choosing a color scheme is an important step in planning a wedding: The right wedding colors can enhance a theme or set the tone of your entire event. While many weddings were once restricted primarily to a few pastel shades,…