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When a woman is expecting a baby, it only makes sense that her friends and family may want to hold a party (or two) to celebrate the upcoming birth. There are two different parties that are particularly popular options for the baby shower and the gender reveal party. Whether you are the mom-to-be or you are planning a party for a loved one, it is important that you understand the differences between these events so that you can start planning!

Baby Showers

Baby showers are events that are designed to shower the mom-to-be and baby with gifts of things they will need when baby is born. These events normally offer games or other entertainment for all the attendees, as well as cake and other snacks. Toward the end of the party, the mom will normally open the gifts so the party-goers can all ooh and ahh over all the cute little baby things!

Gender Reveal Parties

Another event that has become popular in recent years is the gender reveal party. With more and more women finding out the gender of the baby long before the baby is born, this event offers a fun way for moms to share this information with friends, family and loved ones in one fell swoop. This party often has just simple snacks or a cake. Sometimes guests bring a small, token gift, but it is not a big part of the event.

No matter what type of party you are planning for an upcoming birth, you can make your event as big and bold or as small and cozy as you’d like. Find the perfect location, put together some great snacks, decide what entertainment will work best for your crowd, and send out those invitations a baby is on the way!

When Pantone announced marsala as its Color of the Year for 2015, brides began scrambling for ways to add the hue to their weddings. And while bridesmaid gowns, table linens, chair bows and flowers are all the usual suspects when it comes to adding color to weddings, there are plenty of other, sometimes unexpected, ways to bring color into your ceremony or reception. Here’s a roundup of a few ideas to inspire you:

* Add a candy snack bar for lots of pops of brights colors. Provide take-home containers so guests can build their own favors.
* Line up a row of colorful drink garnishes on the edge of the bar so guests can help themselves to a burst of flavor and color.
* Use a colorful canopy as a backdrop for the actual ceremony.
* Wear a colorful crinoline or underskirt. Sure, the gown may be white, but no one says you can’t add some color underneath that will peak through when you’re walking down the aisle or dancing. Go the extra distance, and have the groom wear matching socks.
* Use sashes to add color to black bridesmaids’ gowns and have shoes dyed to match.
* Use a faux flower in your hair or carry a colorful clutch or wrap.
* Don’t forget your manicure — it’s a great way to add a small touch of color and coordinate your whole look.
No matter what colorful elements you choose, the key is to add color tastefully without overdoing it or verging on the garish. At Renaissance, our wedding and event planners understand the impact color can have on a wedding and its mood. Let us help you decide the best ways to bring color into your ceremony or reception. Give us a call today at 305.261.2001 and schedule your one-on-one consultation.

When you choose Valentine Day for your wedding, your marriage starts on the most romantic day of the year. Share your love with all your guests when you use four romantic wedding reception decorations.


1. Lace Table Cloths

Beautiful lace oozes romance, and it’s a welcome addition to your reception tables. Layer a white lace table cloth over a red or pink one, or use a single colored lace table cloth by itself.

2. Floating Candle and Flower Centerpieces

Every reception table needs a centerpiece. Increase the romance when you arrange pink, red and white rocks, flameless candles and flower petals in beautiful glass bowls or vases. The end result is a romantic centerpiece that will fan the flames of love all evening.

3. Heart-Shaped Place Cards

A small decorative element, place cards show your guests where to sit. Instead of traditional rectangles, write your guests’ names on red or pink cardstock hearts. Add your names, wedding date and a favorite love quote to turn these place cards into a multifunctional wedding favor for your guests.

4. Kissing Booth

Every wedding reception needs a little fun. After all, you’re there to party! A kissing booth helps your guests have fun, and it’s romantic. You could rent a professional kissing booth or set up a homemade booth in the corner with:

*Single-use cameras
*Pink boas
*Rose stems
*Red and white hats

Not only will your guests have fun participating in this romantic activity, but you’ll gain cute guest snapshots for your wedding scrapbook.

A valentine’s wedding starts your marriage off on a romantic foot. Boost the love with romantic decorations. They add ambiance you and your guests are sure to remember for many happy years.

Wedding Cake Trends for 2015

January 5th, 2015

Planning a wedding involves a lot of decision-making. However, few choices are as important as picking the right cake. While the traditional multi-tier wedding cake will always be popular, new trends come and go. As we move from 2014 to 2015 and beyond, you may want to consider one of these trendy options!

* Unique Shapes — If your color palette dictates a white or other simple color for the cake, you can add style and whimsy by changing up the shapes. Instead of a round cake, why not a diamond? Or a square base, round center and triangle top? Different shapes are eye catching and a lot of fun.

* Bling — Adding sparkle and shine is a lot of fun. There are plenty of edible ways you can add bling to your cake. Shiny fondant or sparkling sugar sprinkle makes a cake fun and gives it a modern feel.

* Ombre — Look no further than trends in hair color to find one of the big cake color trends in 2015. Starting with a dark top or dark bottom and moving toward lighter colors throughout the layers gives a colored cake a completely new feel. This can be a fun way to offer chocolate and vanilla in the same cake too.

As you can see, these cakes run the gamut hitting on many different styles. The most important thing is choosing a cake that fits with the style demands of the bride and groom. Don’t be afraid to try something new — it could be the one aspect of the wedding that the guests never forget!

Most Sweet 16 parties are all about the music, dancing, and delicious food, but many people often forget about the games. Just because your daughter is not a little girl anymore doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have fun. When you include some games in the festivities, you will help make your daughter’s party even more memorable. Here are some entertaining Sweet 16 party game ideas that are age-appropriate and easy to pull off.

Spot the Lie

This one is pretty easy. Each guest writes down three facts about herself on an index card. There’s just one catch: One of the “facts” is actually made up. After everyone has made their list, go around the room and have the group figure out which one is fake. Not only is it fun, it will also help your daughter and her friends get to know each other a little better.

Lip Sync Showdown

Create a playlist of popular songs, and then have each guest (or groups of guests if there are a lot of attendees) put on a lip-syncing performance to rival the original artist. Appoint a few adults to be the judges, and have them award prizes for the most believable performance, the funniest one, the one with the most dramatic flare, etc.

Do You Know the Birthday Girl?

For this game, it is all about the guest of honor, literally. Create a quiz asking the guests about all of your daughter’s favorite things or little facts about her (favorite song, dream vacation, eye color, etc.). Design a visually appealing one-page form, complete with a spot to tally the questions answered correctly. Whoever can answer the most questions correctly wins a prize.

If you or someone you know will be having a baby in the next few months, the idea of a baby shower may be running through your head. The main purpose is to get together with friends and family and “shower” the mom-to-be (and possibly dad) with things they may need for the baby. However, most baby showers will have some form of entertainment. If you are at loss for what type of entertainment will work best for your party, consider these three ideas as a place to begin.

* Play a simple game — While you may not want to do anything complex, there are a number of simple games that are plenty of fun too. One super-easy activity involves putting a diaper pin on each person when they enter the party. Then, if someone catches you saying the word “baby” they get to take your pin (or one of your pins if you’ve gotten any extras.) The person who has the most at the end of the event wins a prize!

* Make food fun — An easy way to entertain the guests is to make food the focus. Let everyone make mini pizzas, specialty cookies or cupcakes at the event. It’s a lot of fun to bond over food.

* Crafts — In today’s Pinterest lifestyle, it’s not hard to find fun craft ideas. Get crafty as a group. You could even do something like decorate bibs and wind up with a nice gift for the mom-to-be at the end of the party.
These ideas are only the beginning when it comes to the fun you can have at a baby shower. Ask around among those who may be attending, and especially the mom, and come up with some ideas that fit your particular event perfectly.

beautiful wedding places

Most engagements last an average of 16 months, 15% of couples will throw a reception outdoors, and one in five brides will choose the color purple as part of their color scheme. Perhaps the fastest growing trend, however, is making weddings as personal and unique as humanly possible, with modern brides and grooms departing from societal norms and what is generally expected. One way soon-to-be married couples are breaking out of the mold is to have weddings wherever and whenever they like, even around the holidays. Why are holiday-themed weddings more popular than ever before?

Take Advantage Of The Holidays
There are more beautiful wedding places during the holidays than at any other time of year. Why? Churches, bed and breakfasts, hotels, banquet halls, and more typically already decorate for the holidays, which can save you a considerable amount of money when it comes to putting everything together. Churches and/or chapels may already be beautifully decorated for Christmas; true, you may have to make some adjustments here and there (with permission), but there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t have to do quite as much.

Carefully Consider Wedding Pictures
Wedding plans and wedding receptions during the holiday season offer a unique opportunity: completely striking — even magical — wedding photos. Consider the locations where wedding pictures will look best. Take advantage of snow in the backdrop — and don’t rule out areas that are lakeside or seaside but also have snow. Give bridesmaids comfy shawls and groomsmen warm, woolen scarves; this will keep the bridal party happy, snug, and willing to brave the cold weather while pictures are being taken.

Years ago, it may have been considered impolite to have a wedding too close to the holidays. Things are changing — and the holidays are a perfect time to take advantage of venues and beautiful wedding places with decorations already set up. And remember snowy backdrops create the best settings for any and all wedding photos.


The giving of an engagement ring is the start of a wonderful journey that ends with the most important day in the life of a new couple: the wedding day. But the day doesn’t end once the newlyweds leave the altar. Their next stop is at the banquet hall, where everyone comes together to celebrate the reception of your dreams.


The Importance of Making Sure it’s the reception of your dreams:

So much planning goes into the wedding day. Everything has to be timed right and look a certain way per the bride’s and groom’s desires. It’s a day of celebration to be sure, but if something goes wrong, it can set the tone and make it not so enjoyable. The surest way to eliminate uncertainties is to work with experienced agents from start to finish, and that includes the reception hall.

The Importance of the Wedding Reception:

The reception is the point where everyone comes together to relax after a long day, eat good food, listen to a band or DJ, and dance. While it is the point where everyone lets their hair down, it’s still part of the experience, and the couple has every right to want the reception hall to match their expectations. In order to achieve this, the reception hall needs to have a variety of linens available, different types of plates, decorations and even an appropriate space for the musical talent.


How a Reception Hall With Experience Meets Their Clients’ Needs With Ease:

A reception hall or banquet facility that has been in business for some time is one that understands the needs of its clientele. To that end, the facility has trained staff along with the necessary equipment and accoutrements that make a wedding perfect.

Staff sit down with the couple, discuss their desires and show what can be done to create the perfect reception. Linens are shown, potential displays are laid out and finishing touches are shown for examination. No stone is left unturned, and that includes the lighting of the interior.


All of this results in a reception hall that reflects the tastes of the newlyweds on one of the most important days of their lives.


 You already know that your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, but what about your guests? Are they going to be bored? While you are busy admiring your new spouse, taking pictures, and making your rounds, you can’t expect your guests to just sit and wait for the fun to begin. Instead, offer a variety of wedding reception games to make your wedding the most talked about one yet. Here are 3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun for Your Guests!


Table Game: I Spy


One option is to have some ready-made games available at the reception tables. “I Spy” is a top choice because it not only entertains your guests, but it also scores you extra pictures for your scrapbook. Create an appealing checklist of the items/situations you want your guests to locate. Instruct them to take a picture with their phone to prove it, and then email it your way. Some examples include a crying mother-of-the-bride, the youngest guest, and a bridesmaid dancing.


Yard Game: Horseshoes


If you are having an outdoor wedding, then you should absolutely take advantage of the grassy area once the ceremony is over. Horseshoes is an obvious choice thanks to the once-common belief that carrying a horseshoe around on your wedding day can bring you good luck. Ring toss, bocce ball, and even oversized checkers will also suffice.


Interactive Game: He Said, She Said


When you really want to create a memorable reception, you need to make your guests laugh. And one of the best ways to do that is with a game called “He Said, She Said.” It’s a simple premise: You and your new spouse sit back to back, each of you holding a tie (to represent the groom) and a bouquet (to represent the bride). The DJ will ask you a variety of questions, and all you have to do is hold up the prop that represents the answer. For example, the DJ might ask, “Which of you is the better driver?” or “Who is smarter?” or “Who said the L word first?” Some answers will be sweet, and some might be slightly embarrassing. But one thing is for sure: Your guests will be cracking up.


  When you are in charge of planning a baby shower, it’s an understatement to say that you are under a lot of pressure. Most first-time moms have been dreaming about their baby shower for a long time, so you better not let them down. And as you probably know, the first step to any successful party is to choose a theme. There are a lot of baby shower themes that will leave your guests impressed, but these two will really impress your guests.


 About to Pop:

When a woman is very far along in her pregnancy, she really does look like her stomach is about to blow, so why not play up this common saying by bringing in all things pop-able? You can use balloons and pop art for the decorations, popcorn, cake pops, and popsicles for the treats, and pop music to round out the theme and set the mood. And the best part is, you can still choose whatever color scheme you want.


Welcome to the World:

Babies have been used to life in the womb for nine long months, so it’s a big deal when they finally make their appearance in our big, wide world. Why not welcome them with an introduction to the planet they are joining? You can use a variety of maps and globes for decorations, and highlight the pastel colors found on them by using those same colors for the flowers and paper supplies. For food, you can offer a variety of appetizers from around the world, like some hummus dip with pita chips from Greece, bruschetta and garlic bread from Italy, and avocado and salsa from Mexico.


Whichever theme you choose, your guests will not stop talking about it any time soon.

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