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unique wedding places

Planning a wedding that is truly unique can be something of a challenge — especially with all of the images and ideas shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It is more than possible to make your special day completely your own, with some dedication and patience. What are some of the most unique wedding places?

Go To Extremes
Right now, just about 15% of weddings are outdoors. Outdoor locations for ceremonies and/or receptions are becoming increasingly popular. You can still stand out, however, by going big. Instead of just getting married outdoors, some couples are going to new extremes — and tying the knot in midair (with a little help from hot air balloons), on the edge of a cliff, or right next to a volcano.

“In Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, couples marry with views of Kilauea Caldera, part of a live volcano with plumes of lava flaring against the sky,” Glamour magazine explains. Remember, ceremonies and receptions don’t necessarily (and often are not) in the same place. If it’s too expensive to throw a wedding reception on a cliff or if your guests are a bit skittish, it’s perfectly acceptable to exchange vows wherever you like — and select classy banquet hall rentals for the festivities with friends and family.

Make Vineyard Weddings Truly Unique
Nearly one-third of couples (30%) plan their weddings in seven to 12 months. The relatively short amount of time to do a lot of planning might explain why many brides and grooms-to-be overlook a relatively simple fact: there is more to vineyards than fields, lobbies, and reception areas. Some wine cellars are truly beautiful — and more couples are taking notice and hosting one-of-a-kind receptions in wine cellars.

One in five brides will pick purple as one of their wedding colors. Break out of the mold. Choose truly unique wedding places, like volcanoes and cliffs or elegant wine cellars.

Planning a wedding is always hard work and a lot of stress. One of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing a date. However, one option you may not have considered is a New Year’s wedding. There are many benefits–your friends and family are likely off work, everyone is ready to party, and you may get a good deal on a Honeymoon. If you decide that December 31 or January 1 is the right day for your wedding, keep these tips in mind and you will be assured success.

Tips for a New Year’s Wedding:

* Reserve the venue early. Not only do you have to worry with being the first wedding to book the venue, there are likely other parties competing, too.

* If you’re planning a New Year’s Day wedding, think about doing it later in the day. Chances are that your guests may have been up late the night before and will want time to recover.

* Don’t feel obligated to make the occasion your theme or color scheme. Let your personality shine through as you make decisions.

* If you do a New Year’s Eve wedding, plan for a late night. You may want to offer a place for guests to sleep or make connections with a taxi service. More guests than usual may be drinking on this big night.


As you can see, there is a lot to think about when hosting your wedding around New Year’s. When it comes down to it, it’s really not much different than having a wedding any other day–you just already have a theme. No matter what you choose to do, relax and enjoy the big day while ringing in the new year with your new spouse!

Banquet table decorations match the party’s décor, create a festive atmosphere, and invite guests to relax and have fun. Whether you set the tables with colorful, neutral, formal, or primitive centerpieces, try one of six unique, attractive, affordable, and inviting candles at your next banquet.

Decorate Any Celebratory Banquet Table:


1. Select Single Candles – Single candles make simple yet elegant centerpieces, especially with embellishments. they can include decorative candle holders, color coordinated ribbons, raffia bows or small flowers.


2. Arrange Pillars – Customize each centerpiece with pillars of varying heights. Small, medium, and large pillars look attractive on long tables when they’re placed in a row. Or arrange them in circles to decorate round tables.


3. Focus on Tea Lights – Small tea light candles allow guests to visit across the table. Arrange several tea lights in the center of the tables on colorful placemats or set them on decorated boxes at varying heights. They also look beautiful when they’re arranged around the table near each place setting.


4. Utilize Flameless Candles – When paired with flowers, ribbon, or other flammable materials, flameless candles improve ambiance and safety. Customize this candle option when you utilize flameless light bulbs that match the banquet’s theme.


5. Use Colored Candles – Colorful candles accentuate the banquet’s color scheme. Create an interesting visual with matching or contrasting colored candles that accompany the tablecloths, flowers, and other banquet decorations.


6. Mix Textures – Smooth, rough, fuzzy, silky, corrugated, and other textures add variety to centerpieces. When choosing candles and embellishments, mix as many or as few textures as you want to create centerpieces that pop.


Candles offer the perfect decorative addition to any banquet. Try one of these six unique candle centerpieces as you set attractive, affordable, and inviting banquet tables for your guests.

Weddings tend to be planned months, if not a full year, ahead of the date. A large part of the reason for this is that locations can be booked solid for months, making it difficult for you to get in unless a cancellation comes up. And sometimes making the plans a year or more in advance backfires as someone has already laid claim to the date.

Wedding at the Reception Hall:


An additional consideration that comes with weddings is the location of the ceremony. Where do you want to have it? Do you have a special location that is close to your heart, or are you flexible with your choices? Consider the fact that Renaissance has a beachfront location that can host a wedding while providing the perfect backdrop. It really doesn’t get much better than having a wedding on the beach on a beautiful, sunny day.

Save Money While Still Having a Perfect Day

Combining the wedding location with the reception hall has the added benefit of reducing costs. No having to hire an outside limo company for transportation; instead, it’s a short distance from the beach to the reception hall, easily traveled in minutes instead of the better part of an hour.

Dealing With the Weather During a Wedding

If the weather’s not perfect for an outdoor wedding, the Renaissance has an indoor chapel. Have your vows performed in one room where guests are seated as if in a church, then step into the reception hall afterwards and begin the festivities. But if the weather is perfect, there’s an outdoor chapel that is perfect for your ceremonies.

Having the Perfect Event

The benefits of combining the ceremony with the reception hall has the overall effect of reducing cost and uncertainties while meeting all of your needs. The event planners are available to help a bride and groom turn their wishes and desires into reality. All of the services are handled under one roof — no having to scout for a location, then try to find an available date.

Take advantage of what the Renaissance has to offer and eliminate potential problems while keeping costs under control. It all but guarantees the perfect wedding.

corporate event planning ideasCorporate events and/or company parties generally fall into one of two categories: parties are either surprisingly fun (so much so that it’s almost a little difficult to believe it’s a corporate event) or they are boring and sometimes even humiliating experiences, and just about everyone will be happier once the so-called festivities are over. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can make certain your company party is not a flop. In fact, you can throw an event that is fun, memorable, and does exactly what it is supposed to do — improves employee morale and boosts worker productivity. Here are just a few tips to make it happen.

Keep Activities Lighthearted And Fun
This is important — and where a lot of managers with good intentions go wrong. Sharing cherished Christmas memories or delivering speeches about appreciating fellow employees and/or the company may be just fine, or it can be a nightmare. The bottom line is that it can — and will — make some employees uncomfortable. Skip it. Sharing food and drinks may seem relatively simple, but there is nothing wrong with that.

If You Are Serving Alcohol, Plan Accordingly
Nearly all corporate event planning ideas involve at least some alcohol. You should entertain the possibility that some employees will indulge more than others, and it is important for everyone to stay safe and have a good time. A few ways to curtail heavy drinking and/or to promote worker safety are either to provide employees with drink tickets (offer two complimentary drinks and require employees to purchase any additional drinks) or budget for taxi services, should someone need a safe ride home.

When It Comes To Budgeting, Start With The Basics
Finally, the key to corporate events planning is to establish a budget. Start with the basics, and fill in the details from there. Consider: Is this a formal or informal event? Will you be serving pizza and wings or wine and hors d’oeuvres? Remember, corporate event venues don’t necessarily have to be elaborate. Choose banquet halls for a large, private space that you can easily dress up or dress down for a professional atmosphere, formal atmosphere, or laid-back Super Bowl party.

Every year, couples spend $72 billion on weddings in the U.S. Remember, corporate budgets should never be quite that elaborate. Throw a fun and memorable event with a few, key corporate event planning ideas, like keeping things lighthearted and choosing an adaptable venue.

romantic wedding placesMore brides and grooms (40%) are teaming up to plan wedding ceremonies and receptions. (And 75% of grooms will graciously give their input about what items they would like to see on the wedding gift registry.) Soon-to-be married men and women agree on one crucial point: wedding venues should be memorable, personal, and romantic. Here are some of the most romantic wedding places to choose from.

Who Doesn’t Want to Get Married In A Castle?
Approximately 15% of couples host their wedding receptions outside — and, with some careful planning and saving, you can throw a wedding celebration in and/or around a castle. There are at least six castles in the U.S. that you can rent out for your wedding day — and there is even a greater number overseas, especially in countries like England and Ireland.

Destination Weddings Spell Romance
Destination weddings may seem costly — but that’s not 100% accurate. Couples tend to have smaller guest lists and spend less on decorations (the scenery is already incredible, after all!) when they throw a destination wedding. Most destination weddings take place on beaches (think Hawaii!) or in exotic locations, like Greece and Italy.

Make Your Wedding Day Entirely Your Own
Of course, the most romantic wedding places can also be right in your backyard literally — or in local banquet hall rentals. A banquet hall, for example, is a large and comfortable space for all of your guests — and most take care of cleaning for you! You can decorate these locations, like yards and banquet halls, however you like, making it your own and infusing it with personal touches and bits and pieces of your particular love story or romance.

Make your wedding day unforgettable — and do it by choosing the best and most romantic wedding venue. There are a lot of different choices from castles and destination weddings to weddings in banquet halls right near home, but with all of the right personal touches.

planning a corporate eventHalloween and Christmas are just around the corner — and that means the perfect opportunity to work on employee job satisfaction is also weighing precariously in the balance. By simply throwing a fun and memorable holiday party, you can refresh burnt out workers, improve morale, and ultimately boost productivity and employee performance. In other words, it’s worth it to go out on a limb for your employees once in a while. Going completely bankrupt, however, is not worth it. Here are some ways to plan corporate events while keeping costs relatively low.

Get Out Of The Office
Just like checking work emails after hours can lead to headaches and even heart problems according to a new study, having a holiday party in the office can seriously affect employees’ ability to have a good time. Instead of reminding them of how much they have to do at every corner, consider cheap halls for rent when planning a corporate event like a company holiday party. A change of scenery will get things started off on the right foot.

Serve Appetizers Instead Of A Sit-Down Meal
A sit-down meal for dozens or hundreds of employees can get unreasonably expensive. Skip it. Invest in some delicious appetizers and plenty of drinks instead. With enough drinks and a fair amount of satisfying finger foods, your employees will not be complaining.

Have The Party At The Right Time
Banquet halls are large and private, and they’re usually not too bad to look at either (e.g. well-kept and well-decorated). They’re the perfect space for an office party — if you do it right. The key to planning a corporate event at a banquet hall is to stick to weekdays. Weekends will be much more expensive. Make it clear that there will be alcohol served and it’s an adults-only party, to avoid kids and extra mouths to feed.

Are you planning a Halloween or Christmas party? Your employees will love you for it. Make sure you don’t bankrupt the company in the process, by taking some cost-saving precautions.

All work and no play makes any meeting a dull event, and today’s meeting attendees are looking for much more than presentations and speeches. They want a destination that offers them a memorable experience as well. Adding optional, planned outings adds a fun dimension that can make any meeting feel like more of a vacation. The Miami area has lots to offer in any season of the year, and fall is no exception. Here are four ideas that can ensure your meeting stands out:


South Miami Arts Festival

Fall foliage may take center stage up north, but in Miami, it’s the colorful and eclectic artwork that draws attention every autumn. Held in early November, the festival and juried art exhibit draws artists from around the country as well as more than 50,000 visitors. In addition to one-of-a-kind works of art, the festival also includes meet-the-artist events and plenty of local fare on site.

NASCAR Ford Championship Weekend

Those with a need for speed will enjoy this event held every November at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, when champions are crowned for three premier NASCAR racing series events. The event also features live music and entertainment and plenty of interactive opportunities to explore the NASCAR experience. Providing tickets and transportation to and from the event as an add-on option for meeting participants is a great way to boost attendance for your meeting.

Brewery Bus Tour

Experience the city’s craft beers with a guided tour of the city’s breweries and rum distilleries, and learn how local brewmasters use tropical fruits and other exotic ingredients to develop a truly unique taste experience.

Helicopter Tours

Offer your meeting attendees a bird’s eye view of the city, the Everglades and the beaches with an optional helicopter tour, ideal for any season of the year. Several companies offer tours, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when creating your event.

These are just a few of the hundreds of events and activities in and around Miami. At the Renaissance, our event planners can suggest other options to help make your meeting as special as possible.

wedding receptionsPictures of pumpkin-spiced lattes, scarves, and apple-picking are taking over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Fall is here, and all of the pictures make it clear — people are really excited about it. Brides and grooms-to-be don’t have to be an exception to that rule. In fact, autumn may be one of the best seasons to exchanged vows and celebrate with friends and family. Here’s why:

Fall Flavors Are To Die For
Salted caramel… those two words pretty much say it all. Spice up wedding receptions with fall-themed food and drink selections. There are all kinds of things you can do. Consider setting up a chili mini-bar prior to the main course, for example. Serve pumpkin rolls, cinnamon pumpkin rolls (yes, they exist and they’re delicious!), apple cinnamon cupcakes, or even mini pies for dessert. Keep the fall flavor profile going — even when it comes to drinks. Whip up pomegranate and cranberry-flavored cocktails with orange rinds for the bar. Hot chocolate and apple cider, on the other hand, are great non-alcoholic options.

You Don’t Have To Fight It (Use Those Fall Colors!)
Outdoor wedding venues are still a popular choice for fall weddings. (Year-round, 15% of U.S. couples host weddings outside.) It can be difficult to settle on a color palette, and it can be especially difficult to choose one that stands out. Purple, for example, is one of the most widely used colors, with one in five brides working it into ceremonies and wedding receptions. Fall makes it simple. Whether you choose a banquet hall or one of the more unique wedding places, fall promises striking colors — colors like red, orange, yellow, gold, and bronze.

Wedding Favors Are A No-Brainer
A quarter of brides choose themed wedding receptions, and you can, too! Keep everything fall-oriented by selecting favors that evoke the season. For example, decorate small mason jars with ribbon and fill them with jam or honey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your fall wedding something special — and give your fall-addicted friends even more to post about.

wedding plans Apparently, getting married is the thing to do — even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently cast aside their well-known reluctance to marry by hosting an intimate ceremony at a vineyard castle (sounds nice!) in France. What is not necessarily a given, however, are the specifics of the wedding. Today’s brides and grooms are getting increasingly creative and doing things their way, not the way they’re expected to, or ways that may have been established decades ago. What are some true-life examples of couples doing their own thing on their wedding day?

A One-Of-A-Kind Getaway
Ten percent of brides are saying goodbye to tradition, and choosing wedding dresses colors other than ivory and white. Similarly, modern wedding plans may also include a unique getaway car or vehicle, something that will easily depart from the expected limousine or vintage car models. One Virginia couple, for example, met while volunteering as EMTs. As such, they appropriately rented a Cadillac ambulance for their wedding day.

Are Mountain Bikes And Beer The Ingredients To A Perfect Wedding?
Truly unique, nice wedding places do not necessarily have to be overly complicated or over-the-top. Special places to have a wedding can, instead, be much more personal and meaningful — and may be inspired by where the couple met or by milestones in their relationship. A North Carolina couple, who took up mountain biking together, hosted their ceremony and reception in a meadow alongside one of their favorite biking paths. They also incorporated their love for unique, craft beers — mixing together a vanilla porter and a strawberry wheat beer for a “strawberry shortcake” concoction.

“That Old Time Rock N’ Roll”
Finally, wedding receptions can simply celebrate a couple’s love for the arts or music — or, in this particular case, rock n’ roll. A Florida couple exchanged vows on a beach in Key West, playing songs by Led Zeppelin and The Eagles at their ceremony, and at their reception, held in the local Hard Rock Cafe.

It takes just about seven to 12 months to plan a wedding on average, and a quarter of couples will chose a specific theme for their wedding plans. No matter how long you take and what you plan to do, remember: times are changing, and the day is yours to do exactly what you want with it.

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