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As you’re planning your wedding, you know you need flowers for the bouquet. However, flowers are such a great way to add color, style and character to your big day, why not use them in other ways, too? You may want to think about also utilizing flowers in one of these unique ways.


Here are the Six Unique Ways to Use flowers in a wedding:

* Hair Styles – Using flower crowns or just braiding a long stem into an updo is a classy way to add beauty to the bride’s or her attendant’s hair.

* Centerpieces – When it comes to decorating for the reception, why not use centerpieces that match the bride’s bouquet? This can be an excellent way to tie the reception in with the ceremony.

* Boutonniere – Let the groom match his bride by adding a simple boutonniere to his jacket. These are a beautiful way to give the groom a touch of flower power too.

* Drapes – If you have a gazebo or archway, why not drape the space with flowers? This can be very dramatic and a gorgeous way to add character to your space.

* Gifts – A small corsage or flower pin is a nice way to show your guests you care without spending too much money on the gift.

* An Alternative to Rice – Instead of tossing rice at the bride and groom when they leave the ceremony, consider flower petals. These are all-natural and are less dangerous to birds than rice is.

Now that you have some great ideas for flowers, it’s time to start talking with your florist to make sure you’ll have the blooms you need for the big day – don’t wait for the last minute.

Wedding planning is a big job. Why not enlist the help of your best friend? No, not your college roommate or your friend from the office… your smartphone! Here are four apps that will make planning your wedding much easier.

* Evernote – Evernote is NOT a wedding app. It allows you to share information from one device to another, make lists and get organized. All of these benefits are useful for wedding planning, of course! (Available on all devices

* The Knot Wedding Planner – This free app is available on iTunes and in the Google Play store. The Knot app offers a full-function wedding planner. You have access to calendars, checklists, vendors and much more. This is a good place to start when you first start planning a wedding, since it has so much wedding-related information available. (The Knot on iTunes –

* Cozi – Cozi is a shared calendar app that can make planning much easier for you, especially if your spouse-to-be is involved. You will both be able to access the calendar and make sure you never miss an appointment. (Available for all devices –

* Zola-Zola is a simple way to take the wedding gift registry to the next level. Manage your registry on the go, and send gifts to others, too. It makes giving those bridesmaids’ gifts a snap! (Available on iTunes –

While planning a wedding may seem like a low-tech process, there is no reason not to give it a high-tech kick! Check out these apps, and use your smartphone to its fullest!

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things imaginable. After all, not only are you getting ready for a big step (marriage) but you are also putting together one of the largest parties of your life. However, if you approach the planning process in the right way, you can reduce this stress and relax as much as possible. Keep in mind these stress-reduction tips, and you may find that the wedding planning process is less complicated than you imagined.

* Manage the Expectations of Others – You have your own plans and hopes. Do not let others (your mom, grandparents or friends) change your expectations. Trying to live up to everyone’s desires will leave you feeling stressed.

* Control the Guest List – You do not have to invite everyone you have ever met. Fewer guests means less stress. See if you can cut that back and watch your stress diminish.

* Work with the Best Sometimes, it is worth it to do your research and find the best reception hall and vendors. The cost and effort will pay off when you are not stressing over details later.

* Communicate about the Budget- Make sure your spouse-to-be and anyone else involved in the planning process knows your budget and knows where you currently stand. Communication goes a long way.

* Take time for You and Your Spouse-to-be – Do not let the wedding take over every bit of free time you have. You and your spouse-to-be need to take time and connect with each other over the things you love. This will keep stress at bay.

As you can see, there are many ways to work on the stress that is building up as you plan your big day. If things get bad, just remember, it will all be over soon, and you’ll be relaxing on that special honeymoon you have planned!

Many couples turn to vow-renewal ceremonies as a way to reaffirm their love and commitment to one another – and also as a way to kick back with friends and family and party. If you’re considering renewing your vows, here are a few tips on how to Renew Your Vows and help make your event extra special.

* Include your kids. Renewing vows is about your commitment to each other, and it’s also about your commitment to family. Ask your kids to take part, either as wedding party members or behind the scenes – wherever they’re most comfortable.

* Incorporate mementos from your first ceremony. Wear your old veil or carry a bouquet (or for men, wear a boutonniere) using the same flowers as you had in your first ceremony. Decorate with wedding photos or have your wedding video playing in a continuous loop on a big screen.

* Base favors on before-and-after. Use photos from your first wedding to decorate favors or give guests dual photo frames with a picture of you then and now.

* Consider writing your own vows. A lot has happened since your first wedding ceremony, and you’ve probably learned to appreciate your partner on entirely new levels.

* Use your renewal ceremony as a time to express your love and thanks to your life partner.

* Ditch the cake. If you had a traditional cake the first time around, consider something different this time, like a sundae bar, a cookie bar or decorated cupcakes.

* Donate your gifts. If you’ve been married for awhile, chances are you have plenty of stuff. Instead of gifts, make your wedding really special by asking guests to bring items such as canned goods or pet food that can be donated to local charities, or request that donations be sent to an organization that’s near and dear to your hearts.

At Renaissance, our event planners have lots of experience helping couples plan their special days. Schedule a consultation and learn all the ways you can make your vow-renewal ceremony a memorable and meaningful day for all.

banquet hallThe results of The Knot 2014 Real Weddings Study are in after a year of collecting data from 16,000 newly wed couples across the U.S. Here is an overview of the results.

What’s Changing ($), And What’s Not
Perhaps the most notable change is how much brides and grooms-to-be are spending on wedding celebrations. The average wedding now costs $31,213 — and that’s before the honeymoon! Of course, there are also distinct trends governing how exactly couples spend this money. “Spending is on the rise across reception categories, and couples are spending more on their catering, musicians and cake in 2014,” according to a March 12 news release. “Spending for cocktail hours also rose to 76% from 69% in 2010.” More couples (61%) are using mobile phones to make wedding plans and browse the best wedding places and event venues.

What isn’t changing? Many brides and grooms continue to throw wedding receptions in fairly traditional venues. Twenty-two percent choose banquet halls, 11% pick country clubs, and 11% celebrate wedding receptions in hotel venues. (The remainder select different types of venues. About 15% throw weddings outdoors, for example.)

Start A New Trend
With upwards of $72 billion spent on weddings every year, more Americans are urging newly weds to consider the less fortunate. Instead of stowing wedding dresses at the back of the closet and never wearing them again, more brides are choosing to donate their dress. Whether your dress is white, ivory, or another color altogether (10% of brides choose a non-traditional color), several organizations accept and donate dresses to women who are struggling with cancer. There is another opportunity to be charitable when clearing the wedding reception area or banquet hall: donating food. More caterers are donating remaining food to those in need. Ask if your caterer has a donation program in place.

The Knot’s annual survey makes one thing clear: Americans are spending more and more on their wedding day. With this in mind, it is also wise for brides and grooms-to-be to consider being charitable and donating wedding dresses or food to the less fortunate.

Having kids at your wedding and reception can provide a lively element, but unless you take a few extra steps to provide kid-friendly options, that lively element can turn bored and cranky in a heartbeat. If you plan on including kids at your celebration, here are some steps you can take to make sure they stay happy throughout the event with a captivating Kid-Friendly Reception.

* Ask the caterer about adding some kid-friendly foods such as chicken fingers or sliders, or offer a buffet instead of a sit-down menu to appeals to even the pickiest appetites.

* Don’t leave them out of the toasting fun. They may not be old enough to indulge in champagne, but offering a special option such as sparkling punch lets them feel that they’re part of the action.

* Provide fun activities that can be done right at the table. Crayons and coloring pages of the bride and groom, wedding-themed word searches or pocket-sized mazes and games help keep boredom at bay.

* Hire a babysitter to keep kids entertained and provide supervision, so parents can enjoy themselves as well.

* Let the DJ know you want some of the entertainment to appeal to kids.

* Schedule your wedding for the morning or early afternoon. Generally speaking, the later it gets, the more tired kids will be – and the easier it will be for boredom and crankiness to sneak into your festivities.

* Ask your venue about ideas for making kids feel at home. The Renaissance staff has plenty of experience helping guests of all ages have fun.

* Don’t forget the favors. Make sure you have favors especially geared to kids. Snacks are great options, or add a cookie or candy bar and let kids fill their own goody bags.

It might take a little extra effort, but when it comes to avoiding crankiness and meltdowns, adding a few kid-friendly options to your celebration is well worth the investment.

Prom Trends 2015

March 16th, 2015

Whether the prom is at the school gym or at a large banquet hall and ballroom facility, this event is likely the biggest of the year for high school students. As such, it is important to stay abreast of the latest trends and fashions so you can look your best. For the 2015 prom season, keep in mind these hot looks for the year.

* High Necklines — The trend has been hot during awards season and on the runways; high necklines are super hot. Halter necks, wide necklines covered with illusion fabrics and other options are particularly fashionable.

* Timeless Looks — Greek and roman styles as well as throwback looks to the 50′s and 60′s are all popular. Taking a page from history is a great way to show off your own personal style while keeping up with the latest trends.

* Metallic Eyes — Metallic looks are especially in for the eyes. Going with a strong look for the eyes means that you can take it easy on your lips–making it easier to keep your makeup looking its best for the night.

* Loose, Simple Hair — Luckily for your pocketbook, fancy updos are not a must this year. Many girls will be wearing loose, simple locks. Whether you wear your hair down or in a low ponytail accented with sparkles and shine, going simple is a sure way to stay in trend.

As you can see, the prom looks this year are sure to be fun. Luckily, each of the trends offers enough flexibility to give every girl a chance to be themselves–even as they stay in touch with what’s hot!

corporate events

Whether you’re launching a new company or celebrating a milestone, a great party is always an excellent way to celebrate and spur further progress. Unfortunately, creating these great corporate events almost always requires a significant amount of planning to create a good atmosphere, avoid problems and keep things fun. But this planning process isn’t limited to choosing between different corporate event venues and selecting a theme; instead, you will need to consider everything from transportation and timing to the comfort of your attendees. By following the tips below, however, you are sure to approach this challenge head on. Read on to learn how you can avoid unexpected issues and pull off a great corporate event for your company!

Meet With Your Event Planner in Person
If you plan to hire an event planner, meet them in person first to make sure your goals, perspectives and personalities mesh; after all, you are going to be spending a lot of time together as you work on the event, a feat that can exacerbate even the smallest issues. Meet your prospective event planner for coffee and discuss your different corporate event planning ideas. A good event planner will not only be able to offer useful recommendations and tips, but will also plan on being on site for the party itself to help you handle any problems that occur during the party.

Consider Potential Complications
You may have found the perfect theme or picked the best entertainment, but before you move ahead, make sure that your party venue will allow these features without charging extra. For example, some ideas might need extra time for set up, or might have restrictions against loud music after a certain hour, stipulations that can throw a wrench into your plans. Banquet halls are a good choice for corporate events for this reason: not only are these locations large, comfortable, visually pleasing spaces that are sure to impress your clients and employees, but they also often take care of cleaning duties and help make sure everyone is comfortable. Unfortunately, the location isn’t the only thing that can get complicated: make sure the event time won’t interfere with a holiday or other major event, that the location is accessible to your guests, and that all activities help your guests relax instead of making them uncomfortable.

Be Careful About Food and Alcohol
Lots of corporate events feature an open bar. If you are going to choose this route, make sure your party has safe transportation to and from the party, and that your bartender knows to keep people from crossing certain boundaries. Additionally, make sure you have enough food to balance out the alcohol, including a wide variety for people with different dietary restrictions. To make sure you are aware of what this might entail, consider asking your guests to list any allergies or other restrictions when they respond to your invitation.

Planning corporate events that are both professional and fun can be a challenge. However, by carefully considering your choices and planning accordingly, you are sure to create an event everyone will remember. Keep these tips in mind and start planning your corporate event today!

banquet hall
As a whole, U.S. couples pay upwards of $72 billion to celebrate their wedding day. Forty percent will arrange the ceremony and following reception together, and 25% will go with a specific theme. Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t telling enough, especially for soon-to-be married couples who don’t even know where to start. And that’s where trends come in. The Huffington Post recently released 15 wedding trend predictions for 2015. Here are some of the highlights:

Glitz And Glam

The best event venues present all kinds of possibilities. Wedding reception places, like banquet halls, may seem plain, but starting with a relatively clean slate allows brides and grooms to specifically tailor colors and decorations and make the day truly their own. Of course, in order to plan for and order necessary decorations, couples need a color scheme or palette. The Jan. 22 Huffington Post article suggests that we’ll be seeing a lot of glitter in the next few months. Brides will stick to neutral color palettes (think champagne, pale pink, and other soft hues), the article continues, and use glitter and copper accessories and decorations to liven things up.

A Twist On Traditional Catering

There is some good news. Experts predict that many will not factor formal, sit-down meals into their wedding plans. Instead, brides and grooms-to-be are hosting cocktail receptions, or serving beer, wine, and spirits as well as hors-d’oeuvres and other food items all night long. Some are even going one step further to break from tradition and renting a food truck (or two or three food trucks) for the affair.

Weddings Become A More Intimate Affair

A surprising number of Americans are saying their goodbyes to age-old wedding traditions. While formal sit-down dinners are no longer necessary, some are even opting out of a ceremony. Instead, couples choose to have a reception or party only, or they keep the ceremony to the point and very short.

What is in the stars for 2015? Glam up banquet halls and simple wedding venues with glittering centerpieces and copper accents, keep wining and dining lighthearted and fun, and don’t drag out the ceremony.

Most everyone has heard the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” and most know it’s supposed to be good luck to incorporate all four into your wedding attire in some way. Not sure how to do it? Here are some ideas. 

Something Old

“Something old” and “something blue” were, according to English folklore, intended to battle the Evil Eye! Today, the “old” is usually used to honor a relative on either the bride’s or groom’s side of the family. Consider wearing the veil or gloves worn by your mom or grandmother, or incorporate wedding charms into your bouquet, featuring pictures of family members you want to honor.

Something New

For many brides, this is the gown, the shoes, or the veil. But you might also consider buying a locket, filling it with pictures of you and your husband-to-be, and wearing it near your heart or wrapping it around your bouquet. Or slip in photos of your parents, and then it can serve as your “something old” and “something new.”
Something Borrowed

According to tradition – really old tradition – wearing the underwear of a fertile woman was supposed to help ensure lots of children for the new bride. For less skeevy options, borrow a piece of jewelry from your mother, grandmother, maid of honor, or mother-in-law-to-be (brownie points!). Or slip on your dad’s or grandfather’s watch for a memorable and sentimental statement.

Something Blue

Blue represents fidelity, and traditionalists will choose a blue garter. But you can also wear blue pumps or paint your nails blue, or add a spray of blue flowers to your bouquet. For a subtler touch, consider carrying a handkerchief with blue lace or your new initials embroidered in blue.

The last line of the rhyme – “And a sixpence in your shoe” – is often overlooked, but it’s a tradition meant to bring wealth to the new couple. If those wedding bills are adding up, it’s a tradition that just might be worth trying!

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