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You know all those times your mom nagged you about being prepared and planning ahead? Well, your wedding day is when that advice is going to really come in handy. With just a little careful planning, and a quick run to the store, you can put together a wedding day emergency kit that can help you handle just about anything that comes your way.

Wondering what to pack in your wedding day kit? Here’s a quick list of 35 items to consider:

1. Sewing kit

2. Hem tape

3. Safety pins

4. Clear nail polish (for pantyhose runs or to affix a loose button)

5. Nail polish in your shade in case of chips

6. Spare pantyhose

7. Stain pen (like Tide to Go)

8. Super glue

9. White chalk

10. Bobby pins

11. Small scissors

12. Lint roller

13. Spare earring backs

14. Nail file

15. Oil absorbing sheets

16. Tissue

17. Tampons (stress can mess with your cycle) 18. Mini first aid kit

19. Mints

20. Aspirin

21. Mouthwash

22. Protein or granola bar

23. Drinking straws (to preserve your perfect lips) 24. Toothbrush

25. Toothpaste

26. Dental floss

27. Hand wipes

28. Pocket mirror

29. Hand sanitizer

30. Hand lotion

31. Antacids

32. Allergy pills

33. Eye drops

34. Deodorant

35. Fake ring (in case the best man forgets!)

If your ceremony is outdoors, or you plan to take pictures in an outdoor setting, add some sunscreen and a small bottle of insect repellent as well.

All it takes is a little planning “and a printout of this list” to avoid hundreds of little mishaps, and focus all your attention on the day ahead of you.


nice wedding places

It’s wedding season. That means it’s the perfect time for you to get a little inspiration for when you ultimately plan your own (i.e., your nuptials, big day, or whatever else you would like to call it). While over a third (35%) of receptions are now outdoor affairs, there are plenty of nice wedding places — inside and out — that will set your day apart and make your wedding truly unique. Here are just a few:

Say “I Do” Inside Of A Yurt
Take a page out of Matthew McConaughey’s book. While the Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective star didn’t get married right inside a yurt, he and his wife, Camila Alves, chose a luxury camping (“glamping”) theme for the reception and overnight after party. Thanks to the new glamorous camping trend, wedding receptions in a camping or outdoor setting can be outdoorsy and sophisticated.

Why Not Propose And Tie The Knot In The Same Place?
It is not altogether uncommon for men and women to propose in a stadium setting. Why not work stadiums into your wedding plans? You can book a stadium for your wedding on an off day — or just a portion of it when a sporting event is taking place. Your wedding will easily stand out among the 2.4 million U.S. weddings that take place every year if you throw the ceremony and/or reception in a stadium setting.

Become “At One With Nature”
Why not embrace nature on your big day? The majority of brides (30%) say they plan their wedding day celebrations in seven to 12 months — and that gives you plenty of time to decide what nature-filled venue best reflects your personality. Brides- and grooms-to-be are getting increasingly creative, tying the knot in caves, on mountainsides, overlooking canyons, or even in zoos and aquariums.

When it comes to nice wedding places and unique wedding places, the sky is the limit. Choose a venue that reflects who you are and makes your big day truly special.

Weddings Go Hi-Tech

June 5th, 2015

wedding plans

Emerging technologies may change the future of wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. There are an average of 2.4 million U.S. weddings every year — and in years to come, the best wedding places (35% throw wedding parties outdoors, for example) and the number of guests to invite (136 on average) may be the least of your concerns. Here are just a few technologies you may want to incorporate into future wedding plans:

Snap One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Photos
Two relatively new technologies are changing the way Americans are taking wedding photos. Drones are capturing never before seen aerial and/or long-distance shots. And drones aren’t just suitable for wedding pictures; couples can also use drones in place of a videographer. Similarly, some brides are hiding a GoPro camera inside of their bouquet and using the camera to snap unique, candid photos all night long.

Bringing Something New To The Wedding Cake
The cake may be one of the most important decisions that you make during your wedding plans. Now, brides and grooms have more options than ever before. New technology allows couples to 3D print cake decorations. It is possible to use edible materials, like sugar, to do it all, too — and it’s generally cheaper to design and print sugar and edible toppers and decorations than it is to have bakeries produce them by hand.

Another way to add something extra to cakes is to do it with realistic projections. Couples start with a white cake (or one that is simple and typically just one color). Prior to cutting the cake, there is a display of elaborate light projections. The Huffington Post elaborates: “You can map literally anything you want onto your cake — from pretty flowers to old-school photos and even meaningful song lyrics.”

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are changing, thanks to new technologies. Don’t be surprised if you see drones, GoPros standing in for or supplementing the wedding photographer, and/or cakes with 3D printed decorations.

Many brides still choose the standby wedding favors of candy, matchbooks and other useless trinkets individuals either leave behind or discard once they arrive home. Instead of wasting your money, consider choosing more interesting wedding favors that stand out and give your guests something they can use for years to come. Your guests will appreciate it!

Flower Bulbs

Flowers are one of the best parts of springtime, especially when you have beautiful bulbs that come up year after year. Either package your favorite bulbs in a small burlap sack or plant them into small pots and attach a tag that tells your guests to plant their bulbs at home to watch them bloom, just as your love has. Your guests will love it and will think of your wedding each spring when the flowers bloom. Irises, lilies, daffodils and tulips are all great choices.

Kitchen Gadgets

You’re starting your life together and likely need new household items. However, you can share with your guests by choosing wedding-themed kitchen gadgets to use as favors. For instance, consider a heart-shaped tea infuser, a bottle stopper or bottle openers. As long as your favors are something your guests can use, they are much more likely to take them home and appreciate them.

Something to Eat

While most people enjoy candy at least some of the time, most people get tired of the typical mints, chocolate-covered almonds and other candies typically offered at weddings. Mix things up by putting together unique baskets with lemonade or hot cocoa mix, a jar filled with cookie ingredients, or a jar of local honey.

Choosing wedding favors can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to settle for the typical. There are many functional, unique options from which you can choose. These favors are worth your money because there is a greater chance your guests will take them home and enjoy them, rather than leaving them behind or throwing them away.

Just about every wedding you attend will have some form of floral or candlelit centerpiece adorning each of the tables. While these offer a classy look for your special day, you don’t have to choose the same thing as everyone else. These creative wedding centerpiece ideas can help you create a unique atmosphere for your wedding that will have people talking.
An Edible Arrangement

When people arrive at your wedding reception, chances are they’re already hungry. One way to satisfy their need is to place edible arrangements made from fruit. Your guests will love the look and can snack on a healthy treat while they wait for the food to be served. This is the perfect alternative to real flowers.

A Unique Ambiance

Instead of choosing the typical candles, you can create a similar ambiance with the use of battery-operated LED lights. Purchase martini glasses and place a light in the bottom of each one. After you light them, fill the martini glasses with clear decorative stones or marbles. The LED lights will shine through and create a glow in the center of your tables.

Comment Jars

It seems everyone has something to say to the new couple. To help them say it, place decorated mason jars at the center of each table. Put a pile of paper slips on each table along with a few pens, and your guests can write down their best advice, share a memory or leave a message. Use these slips of paper for your scrapbook or read through them every year on your anniversary.

A Beach Theme

If you’re being married on the beach or just love the beach, creating beach-themed centerpieces will stand apart. Purchase round fish bowls, fill them with shells, and add some water. Everyone will love the effect these centerpieces have on the mood of your wedding.

Wedding centerpieces can match your overall theme or create the atmosphere you want. Choosing something out of the ordinary will have your guests talking and will make your event one to remember.

best destination wedding place

Many brides and grooms-to-be are asking, what are the best destination wedding places? While important, this is not the only question to consider. For those mulling over far-off places and faraway outdoor wedding venues for their big day, it is also necessary to consider a number of other details — details that many people forget. Here are just a few:

Get Creative With Transportation
Every year, Americans spend up to $72 billion on weddings — and a large portion of that undoubtedly comes from destination weddings. While transportation is a concern no matter where you get married, it’s a lot more complicated when everyone is flying to a remote location. Remember that you’ll have to factor in the expense of transportation to and from the hotel and any places you may go before and after the wedding. As for the day of the wedding, many industry experts recommend fun — but sophisticated — beach buggies, if you opt for a tropical, Carribbean, or beach wedding.

Carefully Consider What To Wear
Let’s say that, as with some of the most popular and the very best destination wedding places, you land on a beach-side wedding. Beach weddings can be enviably beautiful, but there are some practicalities to think about. One of the biggest challenges can be deciding what the bride — and everyone else — should wear. Most industry experts seem to agree that a dress with a short hem and light fabric is best. Keep in mind that it will be just about impossible to walk in heels on the sand. Opt for flats, sandals, or wedges. “The more surface area the sole of your shoes have, the easier it will be to walk,” Lori Conley, a senior buyer at David’s Bridal, recommends. Men, feel free to wear flip flops, and choose lighter colored suits (or light-colored button downs or polos for a more informal event). At any rate, more people equate “nice wedding places” with the outdoors. Plan ahead when it comes to attire, and make sure to adequately warn guests — so they will know what to wear or what not to wear, too.

Destination weddings take a little bit of extra planning. Don’t forget about all of the nuances of transportation, and wear appropriate attire, even if it’s a little less formal.

As you’re planning your wedding, you know you need flowers for the bouquet. However, flowers are such a great way to add color, style and character to your big day, why not use them in other ways, too? You may want to think about also utilizing flowers in one of these unique ways.


Here are the Six Unique Ways to Use flowers in a wedding:

* Hair Styles – Using flower crowns or just braiding a long stem into an updo is a classy way to add beauty to the bride’s or her attendant’s hair.

* Centerpieces – When it comes to decorating for the reception, why not use centerpieces that match the bride’s bouquet? This can be an excellent way to tie the reception in with the ceremony.

* Boutonniere – Let the groom match his bride by adding a simple boutonniere to his jacket. These are a beautiful way to give the groom a touch of flower power too.

* Drapes – If you have a gazebo or archway, why not drape the space with flowers? This can be very dramatic and a gorgeous way to add character to your space.

* Gifts – A small corsage or flower pin is a nice way to show your guests you care without spending too much money on the gift.

* An Alternative to Rice – Instead of tossing rice at the bride and groom when they leave the ceremony, consider flower petals. These are all-natural and are less dangerous to birds than rice is.

Now that you have some great ideas for flowers, it’s time to start talking with your florist to make sure you’ll have the blooms you need for the big day – don’t wait for the last minute.

Wedding planning is a big job. Why not enlist the help of your best friend? No, not your college roommate or your friend from the office… your smartphone! Here are four apps that will make planning your wedding much easier.

bride on her cell phone

* Evernote – Evernote is NOT a wedding app. It allows you to share information from one device to another, make lists and get organized. All of these benefits are useful for wedding planning, of course! (Available on all devices

* The Knot Wedding Planner – This free app is available on iTunes and in the Google Play store. The Knot app offers a full-function wedding planner. You have access to calendars, checklists, vendors and much more. This is a good place to start when you first start planning a wedding, since it has so much wedding-related information available. (The Knot on iTunes –

* Cozi – Cozi is a shared calendar app that can make planning much easier for you, especially if your spouse-to-be is involved. You will both be able to access the calendar and make sure you never miss an appointment. (Available for all devices –

* Zola-Zola is a simple way to take the wedding gift registry to the next level. Manage your registry on the go, and send gifts to others, too. It makes giving those bridesmaids’ gifts a snap! (Available on iTunes –

While planning a wedding may seem like a low-tech process, there is no reason not to give it a high-tech kick! Check out these apps, and use your smartphone to its fullest!

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things imaginable. After all, not only are you getting ready for a big step (marriage) but you are also putting together one of the largest parties of your life. However, if you approach the planning process in the right way, you can reduce this stress and relax as much as possible. Keep in mind these stress-reduction tips, and you may find that the wedding planning process is less complicated than you imagined.

* Manage the Expectations of Others – You have your own plans and hopes. Do not let others (your mom, grandparents or friends) change your expectations. Trying to live up to everyone’s desires will leave you feeling stressed.

* Control the Guest List – You do not have to invite everyone you have ever met. Fewer guests means less stress. See if you can cut that back and watch your stress diminish.

* Work with the Best Sometimes, it is worth it to do your research and find the best reception hall and vendors. The cost and effort will pay off when you are not stressing over details later.

* Communicate about the Budget- Make sure your spouse-to-be and anyone else involved in the planning process knows your budget and knows where you currently stand. Communication goes a long way.

* Take time for You and Your Spouse-to-be – Do not let the wedding take over every bit of free time you have. You and your spouse-to-be need to take time and connect with each other over the things you love. This will keep stress at bay.

As you can see, there are many ways to work on the stress that is building up as you plan your big day. If things get bad, just remember, it will all be over soon, and you’ll be relaxing on that special honeymoon you have planned!

Many couples turn to vow-renewal ceremonies as a way to reaffirm their love and commitment to one another – and also as a way to kick back with friends and family and party. If you’re considering renewing your vows, here are a few tips on how to Renew Your Vows and help make your event extra special.

* Include your kids. Renewing vows is about your commitment to each other, and it’s also about your commitment to family. Ask your kids to take part, either as wedding party members or behind the scenes – wherever they’re most comfortable.

* Incorporate mementos from your first ceremony. Wear your old veil or carry a bouquet (or for men, wear a boutonniere) using the same flowers as you had in your first ceremony. Decorate with wedding photos or have your wedding video playing in a continuous loop on a big screen.

* Base favors on before-and-after. Use photos from your first wedding to decorate favors or give guests dual photo frames with a picture of you then and now.

* Consider writing your own vows. A lot has happened since your first wedding ceremony, and you’ve probably learned to appreciate your partner on entirely new levels.

* Use your renewal ceremony as a time to express your love and thanks to your life partner.

* Ditch the cake. If you had a traditional cake the first time around, consider something different this time, like a sundae bar, a cookie bar or decorated cupcakes.

* Donate your gifts. If you’ve been married for awhile, chances are you have plenty of stuff. Instead of gifts, make your wedding really special by asking guests to bring items such as canned goods or pet food that can be donated to local charities, or request that donations be sent to an organization that’s near and dear to your hearts.

At Renaissance, our event planners have lots of experience helping couples plan their special days. Schedule a consultation and learn all the ways you can make your vow-renewal ceremony a memorable and meaningful day for all.

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