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How to Create Cheap Weddings

April 16th, 2014

cheap weddingsWeddings are often described as the most important event in a couple’s life. Family and friends gather to experience elaborate ceremonies that end in a lavish reception. In their quest to make their special day memorable for everyone involved, however, many couples find themselves going over budget. The Knot reports that the average wedding in 2013 cost over $29,000. Most brides spent over $1,000 on their wedding dresses, and an average of $200 was spent on every guest attending the wedding.

Nevertheless, contrary to what the bridal magazines and peer pressure might tell you, you do not need a large budget to create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience. In fact, couples who are on a budget are wise to consider cheap weddings so that money can best be spent on new homes and other long-lasting purchases. To make sure your wedding is inexpensive, think about the following tips.

1. Consider cheap banquet halls that are flexible. A flexible banquet hall is a venue that allows you to choose your own caterer and decorative elements. In most cases, the hall will open your banquet room so you can decorate and set up for the wedding. This cuts down on amenities offered by the facility. Also, the best wedding places offer price breaks on days when wedding receptions are not typically held. This can cut your venue budget in half. Think about a reception on a Wednesday or Thursday. Try to stay away from Saturday and Sunday receptions, since these are the most expensive.

2. Think about purchasing all inclusive weddings. These packages are secured at the best wedding destination places. Weddings, receptions, and honeymoons are all included within the price. Venues, hotels, caterers, and other vendors offer price breaks so they can be included in wedding packages, and the savings are passed down to you. The package provides you with a wide variety of flower, food, and decoration choices. This means that cheap weddings can turn out as glorious as expensive ones.

3. Consider wedding flower choices carefully. Flower arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations can cost thousands of dollars. Gardenias, hydrangeas, lilies and peonies are some of the most expensive flowers. You may want to shy away from these. Instead, consider cheap options like carnations, gerber daisies, and stock roses. Add greenery, foliage, and branches to flower arrangements so you do not need as many flowers.

4. Think about cutting down guests lists for cheap weddings. Catering for events, venues, and decoration costs are all reduced by limiting invitations to your wedding. Also, smaller banquet halls can be rented to accommodate the smaller guest list. Consider inviting only close friends and family members to your wedding. If you have not spoken to someone in several years, then you probably do not need them at your wedding. Smaller weddings are not only inexpensive, but they are far more intimate.


Coral Gables Large Wedding Venue

When you are looking for a wedding reception venue, you clearly have a lot of choices. From South Florida banquet halls to grand ballrooms in Miami to intimate waterfront locations, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few questions to consider when choosing a wedding reception venue.

How many people do I want at my reception?

Coral Gables Small Wedding VenueThe first step to selecting a wedding reception venue is deciding how many friends and family you want to enjoy your big day with you. For some people, they have a smaller ceremony and invite everyone they know to the reception. For others, they prefer to celebrate with just their nearest and dearest. Once you have a final headcount, you can compare the maximum capacities at the venues you are considering.

How much do I want to spend?

Renaissance Ballrooms in West Miami

Once you have figured out how many people you want to attend your reception, you need to compare the different price points available to you. If money is no object, the ballrooms in Miami may be the perfect choice. They will provide a feeling of grandeur and class while allowing ample space for your guests to party the night away. Even if you are on a budget, there are plenty of stunning reception halls that can get the job done with style.

What is the theme of my reception?

Themed Wedding in Miami Banquet Halls RenaissanceThe final thing to consider is what you want the vibe of your wedding reception venue to be. If you are going for a formal affair, clearly a ballroom is ideal. However, if you want a more casual tone, a banquet hall may be more suitable. And don’t forget that the decorations can make a huge difference. A simple reception hall can easily be transformed into the venue of your dreams.


corporate events

During the past economic slump, finding the funds to afford annual meetings and other corporate events challenged most businesses facing tighter budgets. Now that the economy is recovering, there’s a new challenge: how to incorporate social media in a way that improves both engagement and quality.

According to The American Express Meetings & Events 2014 Global Meetings Forecast, social media sharing via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social platforms is growing, and both attendees and those who follow the meetings from afar expect to be able to get continual updates as the events progress.

According to Vice President and General Manager of American Express Meetings & Events Issa Jouaneh, making sure your event is plugged into the Web is an important feature in 2014 and moving forward.

“Meeting organizers are looking to utilize social media tools to create higher quality and more engaging programs that better meet the needs of attendees,” he said. “The future will be truly exciting for the industry as we redefine the meetings investment and experience management through the incorporation of digital meetings solutions.”

An increased interest in digital engagement means you need to select a meeting site that’s fully integrated and able to provide all the media options you need, from on-site technology like projection and audio equipment to robust Internet connectivity to ensure easy and continual access to the Web.

Thanks to its dedication to state-of-the-art technology, the Renaissance has become known as the best venue for corporate events in south Florida. Renaissance event planners are skilled in creating meeting environments that are both comfortable and functional, so event leaders and attendees can focus on the presentation materials without worrying about their surroundings or their ability to stay connected. Depending on your company’s needs, the Renaissance can tailor the facilities you need to serve even the most technologically demanding and complex presentations so your company can stay at the forefront of meetings and events planning.

Choosing a color scheme is an important step in planning a wedding: The right color can enhance a theme or set the tone of your entire event. While many weddings were once restricted primarily to a few pastel shades, today’s weddings can incorporate a much broader array of shades, from neutrals to jewel tones to glistening metallics. Here are the shades wedding planners have identified as the most popular for 2014:

Wedding colors


Orchid: Radiant orchid is Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2014, and it’s appearing in fashions for spring, summer and fall. Shades of orchid are ideal for nearly any type of wedding, from country casual to sophisticated contemporary themes.

Navy blue: Deep, rich shades of navy and equally popular royal blue work well with brights, pastels or neutrals, and that’s one of the reasons brides love these colors. They also provide a clean, crisp look that looks great when incorporated into table décor.

Pink: A perennial favorite with brides, this year’s pink weddings look beyond “baby girl pink” to antiqued shades, roses and even apricots. Pair with aqua, pale green or metallic for a fresh twist.

Neutrals: Neutrals have been popular for the past several years, thanks to the added popularity of rustic-themed weddings. But brides are learning that neutrals can also be an ideal choice for more subdued, formal affairs as well.

When adding pops of color to your wedding, don’t restrict yourself to flowers and bridal party attire: Look for other ways to incorporate your hue in linens, chair bows, favors and even your wedding cake. At the Renaissance, all inclusive wedding packages include the services of a wedding designer, who can help you dream up lots of creative wedding decoration ideas that will allow you to design a celebration that’s uniquely yours.

For many young girls, a sweet sixteen or quinceañeras is second only to their wedding day when it comes to important milestone events. The event should be enjoyable for the birthday person, but also for those who attend and spend time with the special girl. Browsing through the available party hall rentals or reception halls for quinceañeras and sweet sixteen parties is an important first step. However, it is just that: a first step. Deciding on the entertainment and activities is just as important. If you’re at loss for the best ways to entertain a crowd of young people, consider one of these as a starting point:
sweet sixteen party

* Photo Booth: Everyone wants to remember the big day, why not rent a photo booth and capture these memories in an old-fashioned way? There are many options available and this allows the guests to have something special to take home with them.

* Karaoke/DJ: Singing, dancing and enjoying music are all a lot of fun. If you can find a karaoke jockey (KJ) who will play a combination of new hit music, dance classics and allow the guests to karaoke, you’ll wind up with an event that is fun for everyone.

* Big Screen Movies: Setting up a projector to play a classic or new movie is a great option for entertainment. If you provide popcorn and soda you have all the fun of the theater but the excitement of a party.

In many cases, offering entertainment is just an icebreaker. Once the party gets started, the teens will entertain themselves. However, it is important to have these ideas in place so that you are assured of a fun evening for everyone.

wedding locationsWhen making your wedding plans, it can be quite difficult to choose the location. Sure, many event venues are pretty good choices, but can often be pricey, and the cheap banquet halls might not just feel right. Finding dream wedding locations that work with budgets can be quite tricky.

Here are a few considerations that you need to make to help you find the best wedding locations.

1. Do You Want a Religious Ceremony?
Believe it or not, only 53% of couple who got married in 2007 had their ceremony in a church. This shows that non-traditional wedding locations are becoming the norm. However, if you remain in that narrowing majority, you should consider the fact that religious wedding locations require a bit more planning. You should book the wedding venue before you book the reception location. If you and your partner are of different faiths, it may be best to pick a neutral location, like a reception hall. If you want to incorporate a spiritual element to your wedding without having to worry about organized religion, then you could consider a more natural setting, such as an apple orchard.

2. How Much Organizing Are You Willing to Do?
Some wedding locations may require heavy lifting. Literally. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each setting before making your final decision. If you choose a more unique location, such as a barn or a field, you’ll likely have to set everything up yourself and clear the way — or enlist the help of a friend or relative who’s willing to do it for you. If outdoors, you’ll also have to prepare for the fact that mother nature may not cooperate the way you want her to, which means twice the work, and twice the anxiety.

3. How Big Is Your Guest List?
The size of your guest list may determine which wedding locations you can consider. You may have to account for handicap accessibility, small children, and other mobility issues. While your wedding is about you, you also have to consider your guests. It won’t be possible to please everyone, but making a concession or two for the sake of your loved ones is only fair.

If you keep these points in mind, it will be easier find the perfect place to get married. If you have any questions about wedding locations, feel free to ask in the comments.

wedding plansThe results are in — around 40% of all couples currently planning their weddings are doing so together. That might not sound like too impressive a figure, but based on past trends, it’s quite notable that grooms have been taking a more active role in the wedding plans. From helping pin down a banquet hall to choosing which caterer can best fill the bellies of 200 guests, wedding planning is 100% a team effort, and more and more now, it’s being treated like one.

Before you plan out the ceremony and the wedding reception of your dreams, it might be a good idea to get caught up on the latest trends poised to take hold throughout the rest of the year:

1. Experimenting with colors.
While it’s not particular new to opt for particular color schemes in your wedding plans, it’s worth noting which colors are in and which ones are completely out of fashion. Pink, at one time the most ubiquitous bridesmaid color of all, is making its long-awaited comeback, but don’t expect deep pinks or light reds. It’s all about pales, nudes, blushes and peaches, so says

2. Taking it to the streets.
Banquet halls are always popular locations for wedding sites, and probably always will be, but 2014 is bringing with it a big tent revival scene. That is, more weddings outdoors under the light of the moon or on the softness of a sandy beach. Also big are “destination weddings,” or ceremonies that take place in the same location where you’re planning to vacation on your honeymoon. While a bit more expensive, outdoor wedding receptions often prove to be even more memorable.

3. Throwbacks and thrifty themes.
One of the most popular wedding plans in 2014 (and potentially even into the future beyond it) combines all the pomp of a 1920s mansion party with the fiscal practicality of a thrift shop. It’s called shabby chic and it’s all the rage for weddings across the nation. Take Mason jars and turn them into flower vases, but wear white gloves to make it an extraordinary affair. With your spouse, find that glossy balance between frugality and fortune.

4. Personalized, crafty invites.
Boilerplate wedding invitations wore out their welcome 20 years ago. Today’s guests are constantly surrounded by stimuli from smartphones and web access, so you have to give them something that commands their attention. Commission an artist to sketch up custom portraits of you and your partner to print on every invite. You’ll be surprised how far a simple aesthetic trick like that will go.

Of course, what’s trending one day can become old hat just months later. For more serious, detailed planning tips, contact a professional — but remember that no matter whether you choose to embrace trends or keep it traditional, the most important part of your wedding is planning it together.

For some businesses and organizations, fundraising is an important stream of revenue. It could even be the only stream of revenue. Without the right attention to detail, what should be a strong fundraising event can fall flat. Before you host your next event, follow these tips to ensure your fundraiser is as successful as possible.

Fundraising Events

Create a Planning Committee

The planning stages set the tone for how successful your fundraiser will be. Creating a planning committee that is dedicated to handling the details of your event can ensure you set a solid foundation on which the rest of your fundraising can be built. Your planning committee may create sub-committees that can handle different aspects of your event. For instance, one group can browse available fundraising event venues in Miami, while another can handle catering and entertainment. Keep close track of the progress of your committee by requesting reports at specific intervals.

Set a Goal

Every successful fundraising event has a goal. Giving your attendees and donors a target to aim for will encourage attendance and promote larger donations. When you give them a visible measure of your goal and the progress toward that goal, it creates an aura of excitement. Making that final push to meet your goal can be an exciting way to end your event and give your attendees a greater sense of accomplishment.

Consider Sponsorship

Bringing in major corporate sponsors or even local sponsors for smaller fundraisers can draw much more attention to your efforts. You may even find fundraising event venues in Miami that are willing to donate their space so you can put that money toward your cause instead. The ability to connect these well-known brand names to your fundraising event can promote larger donations and bring more attendees to your event.

Promote Your Fundraiser

Proper promotion will ensure you attract the level of attendance necessary to reach your fundraising goals. To choose the best method of promotion for your event, consider your audience. For instance, a younger audience or those involved in business may be more likely to respond to email invitations. Written invitations can be useful to reach an older or more traditional audience. Television or radio ads can be used to spread the word over a larger area.

Businesses, nonprofits and other worthy causes often turn to fundraising events to raise the money they need to function properly. As you consider your next fundraising event, consider these tips to increase your chances of success.

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Valentine's day

Valentine’s day

Yes, a lot of people get married on Valentine’s Day; after all, it is the only day dedicated strictly to the emotion of love. However, that doesn’t mean that all Valentine’s Day weddings have to come from the same cookie cutter. There are many ways to make your wedding unique from all of the rest, and one of these ways is by giving out unordinary favors to your guests. But creativity isn’t enough; you also want to offer your loved ones something practical that won’t just get tossed in the trash as soon as they get home. Here are some party favors that meet these two requirements perfectly:

Personalized Writing Utensils

Whether it’s to write letters, reports, or shopping lists, everyone uses pens. That’s why they make the perfect take-home item for Valentine’s Day weddings. Choose a high-quality pen and have your names put on it. You can also add a brief “Thank you for making our day special!” to make it even more keepsake-worthy.

Custom Playing Cards

With so many options of gameplay in one tiny package, playing cards are a great gift to send home with your guests. You can either choose one of your engagement photos to put on the back of them or create an artistic design that incorporates your names and date of your wedding day.

Edible Goodness

Few things are more practical than those that can be consumed. To make a food item exclusively for your wedding, come up with your own label to wrap around it. Think up a creative saying to tie in with the contents of what you are wrapping, such as “Mint to Be” or “Nuts About Each Other.” From chocolate bars to water bottles to packs of cookies, there really is no limit to how many things you can transform into a memorable party favor with a simple piece of paper.

Gentlemen, are you helping plan out the specifics of your wedding? You should be, at least according to statistics. Today, three out of every four grooms-to-be are involved in choosing items for their wedding registry, and nearly 40% of all couples make all the arrangements for the big day as a team. That means the days of “stepping aside and letting the lady take over” are far, far behind us.

Marriage is about unity and coming together, and one of the best ways to start putting that into practice is through joint planning of your ceremony and reception. It can be overwhelming, but so is marriage, and just like a real relationship, the struggles only strengthen the bonds of the union. With all that mind, start thinking as a cohesive unit and begin planning your wedding together. Here are a few helpful tips:

Making sure the money is right
First on the wedding planner checklist is establishing a viable budget and keeping that number in mind throughout the entire process. You might be receiving some help from your parents (or your future in-laws), but it’s best to not count on that cash in the initial planning. There are quite a number of expenses to keep in mind — catering, banquet hall rentals, live music, the cake itself — so put your heads together to come up with a budget that’s both realistic and agreeable to both parties. Don’t be afraid to celebrate, either. After all, they don’t call it your “Big Day” for nothing.

Scouting out prospective wedding locations
You might have been dreaming of a beach wedding since you were a little girl (or boy, for that matter), but if it just doesn’t fit in the budget, it’s time to opt for Plan B. First, choose a general location, then cruise the web to find a list of potential party venues and what they typically charge for weddings and receptions. Start writing numbers down, then get in contact with the banquet halls to shop around for the most affordable rates. When you feel good about a place, you probably know it’s right for your special celebration.

Determining the date, the guest list, the theme, the entertainment
Next up on the wedding planner checklist are the logistics. Pay special attention to the venue to see what kind of aesthetic would be fitting for your wedding. Determine the colors of your entire ceremony and reception, then coordinate the bridal party’s outfits to match. Ask yourself the tough questions: DJ or band? Photo booth or candy bar? Try to hammer out a solid guest list and table arrangement in advance. Most importantly, always leave room for last-minute changes.

Talking with a professional wedding planner
If everything on this list seems a bit excessive, don’t worry. There’s an entire profession dedicated to helping people just like you figure out all the details when it comes to weddings. That’s what wedding planners do, and chances are, there’s a whole host of reliable, professional planners right in your area. Always set up a meeting and ask plenty of questions before you go full-out in hiring him or her. And don’t forget: Your planner’s fee is coming out of your budget.

Hopefully, this modest wedding planner checklist will help you organize the ceremony of your dreams. Remember, it’s a two-way street, so plan equally! It’ll lay a good foundation for the rest of your life together.

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