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Should You Have Assigned Seating At Your Reception?

Should You Have Assigned Seating at Your Reception?

Many people are familiar with the concept of assigned seating at wedding receptions and other similar events. However, is it really worth the painstaking process of deciding who will sit where at your reception or is it better to simply…

Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

One of the biggest challenges you'll face when it comes to planning your wedding is making sure you stick with the budget you have set. Whether your parents are helping to pay for it or you are on your own,…

4 Tips For Planning Your Dream Wedding

4 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding or a special event requires taking care of many details. If you are currently engaged in making plans for your big day, or if you are planning a wonderful party celebration for someone else, these six tips…

Lace, Satin And Tulle, Oh My: Choosing The Gown

Lace, Satin and Tulle, Oh My: Choosing the Gown

So, they’ve put a ring on it. The date is set. Your beautiful ballroom is booked for your dream wedding. Ladies… it’s dress time. Weddings have changed a great deal over the years. Mostly gone are strict rules about what…

3 Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

3 Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

On average, 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States annually, and 30% of those brides spent seven to 12 months planning their special day. Here are three helpful tips from Brides Magazine for selecting your dream wedding venue.…

Five Ways To Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Five Ways to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is an incredibly special process that requires taking care of many details. If you are currently looking for your dream wedding venue, these five tips will help you plan every detail of your wedding and make sure…

How To Select A Wedding Menu That Is A Crowd Pleaser

How to Select a Wedding Menu that is a Crowd Pleaser

For many brides, the wedding menu is the most important factor for their special event. Food is certainly a crucial element for the guests. While the bride and groom are caught up with the ceremony, pictures, and greeting guests, the…

Planning A Fairytale-Themed Wedding

Planning a Fairytale-Themed Wedding

If you've always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, then it's worth spending the time to plan it right. Like any themed wedding party, a fairytale wedding can be designed as a small or large event. With the right preparation,…

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