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Sweet sixteen party

Your complete sweet 16 planning checklist

Planning a sweet 16 birthday party can be fun if you stay organized. How early you get started with your party planning can depend on many things such as dates, the scale, and formality of the event, whether you’re inviting…

Wedding reception

3 tips to choose the right wedding reception package

It is the case that many times event and wedding venues offer specials that can fit several things in one big package and can include catering, china service, music, entertainment, and others you need for the wedding event. This can…

dream wedding

What Steps Do You Need To Take To Plan Your Dream Wedding?

Once you delve into the wedding planning process, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, these tips are going to help you transform your dream wedding into reality without the stress. Plan Ahead You already have a picture-perfect wedding in your…

Corporate event venue

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Event Venue

Choosing the venue is the major piece of the puzzle for any event no matter the type or size. The venue will host the attendees and the experience itself, along with other details it will be the most noticeable piece…

Wedding cake

A guide to choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor

A big part of having a wedding is deciding on colors, themes, and flavors. This is particularly important when it comes to a key element in any wedding; the cake. The truth is there is a wide variety of wedding…

December wedding

Reasons to Have a Wedding in December

December is a month known for its holidays and celebrations. If you love all the things that make this month so special, then you should consider having a December wedding. Getting married in the off-season comes with perks such as…