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banquet hall in Miami

The Secret Tricks to Giving Party Favors

While hosting an event is already filled with responsibilities, you also have to think about party favors. Giving out party favors to guests for them to take home appears to be an unofficial requirement for every event. They represent the…

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How to Make a Sweet Sixteen even Sweeter

Turning sixteen is one of the many big birthdays in a person's life. A birthday as special as this one deserves a fabulous sweet sixteen party no one can forget. Making a sweet sixteen party as incredible as possible does…

Quinceañera Event

Three Tips for Hosting a Spectacular Quinceañera Event

The storied origins and traditions of quinceañeras are deep rooted in numerous cultures and marks the 15th birthday of celebrants who are ‘officially’ transitioning into womanhood. Essentially, this is one of the most important days in a young lady’s life besides her wedding day,…