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good wedding places

Points to Ponder When Looking For Good Wedding Places

Every wedding planner knows that a venue is one of the most critical things on this important day. You may have the best food and drinks, dresses and decorations, and seats and their arrangement. However, when the venue is not…

miami destination wedding

All About Destination Weddings

Today, most couples choose to have their weddings in one venue where they will have both the ceremony and the reception. This is usually a way of cutting costs during planning. Whether they are expensive or not, an average of…

how much does a wedding cost in Miami

3 Tips to Make Your Miami Wedding a Success

Congratulations! You’re getting married. If you’re reading this article it is because you have some questions about your destination wedding in Miami. How much does a wedding cost in Miami? What is the best venue? What time of the year…

bridal shower planning

How To Plan an Amazing Bridal Shower

When a close friend or relative gets engaged it can be an exciting time for so many people. The love and excitement can go through an entire family like a gust of wind. There is so much planning that goes…

dream wedding venue

3 Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

On average, 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States annually, and 30% of those brides spent seven to 12 months planning their special day. Here are three helpful tips from Brides Magazine for selecting your dream wedding venue.…