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The Rise of the 1 Year Anniversary Parties

This year marks the beginning of the exponential growth of one-year anniversary parties. First anniversary parties were not a regular event unless the couple decided to elope. In 2020, engaged couples decided to go without the big wedding and elope…

Miami Ballroom

Where to Begin When Planning a Graduation Party

A student's graduation is one of the many celebrations and accomplishments they will experience in their lifetime. Graduation parties are a fantastic way of recognizing a student's hard work in college, high school, or other higher level degrees. Whether the…

Miami Ballroom

Why Booking an Event in Advance Now is Better than Later

Planning events is a stressful affair. Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and corporate functions all require extensive preparation and strategy. In the current climate, holding social functions appears to add onto the anxiety of an already trying situation. While things…